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slot over-writes?

fixing slot over-writes

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slot over-writes?

Postby WickedPrince » Mon Sep 16 2019 9:51pm

Ok to start with I have the steam version of the game that they sold as a ten-pack of Sega Classics. So I figured out I'd missed something earlier in the game and tried to drop my current play and load my last save: instead it overwrote slot 1 and every time I load the game it drops me back into that over-written save. I am hoping somebody here might know how to fix that. I DID find my game saves had been transferred to slot 2 so I didn't loose all my progress since then, but it requires a fair amount of goofing around because every time I load the game it drops me right back into that slot one overwrite and I have to back out and load my game from slot two.

I'm going to admit that I'm a bit computer-tech illiterate so if you do have an idea please try to keep it simple for me.

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