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equiping secret arts

secret arts

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equiping secret arts

Postby percy_hutchins4 » Wed Mar 25 2009 2:37pm

I was just wondering. Maybe i havnt gone far enough in to the game but I havent got the option for equiping secret arts yet on weapons is that because its just not a option or do I need to upgrade the weapons to a certain level so that I can get this feature or do I just need to wait.
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Re: equiping secret arts

Postby ehow22 » Sat Apr 11 2009 5:13am

It's pretty late in the game before you get any secret arts, IIRC.

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Re: equiping secret arts

Postby Babblu » Wed Mar 18 2015 9:55am

I used this method so that I would not have to wait-test-load-wait-test-load in a endless loop. (as far as i can recall, its been a few weeks) As for the missing/critical hit always going the same way, You don't have to go 2 actions back. I save before the last character exits battle/healing, etc. (on the gold acquired screen, for instance) and after reloading, the RNG has changed. I've definately used this to avoid bats putting me to sleep, double attacks, characters missing, and many other bothersome results.

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