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Re: Who IS your favourite character?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 11 2014 1:21am
by CajNatalie
Melody. :thumbsup:

Re: Who IS your favourite character?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 05 2017 2:25am
by ZethaPonderer
This is kinda tricky to answer since all of them play a vital role in the game, but I'll rank which is my favorite:

1. Arthur (well-rounded stats, and useful spells to boot)

2. Lisa (Having both the Barrier and Support spell makes Melody and Forte obsolete IMO. Plus, she's got solid attack power and can equip the Force Blade which is awesome)

3. Melody (great sage like character that can Heal, Support, and has the only unique spell in the game Elemental which I enjoy watching. Also she gets Restore to regenerate HP which is really handy)

4. Akane (Love this ninja. Although I must admit she's just a poor copy of Melody that is only slightly better at attacking and quick on her feet. If you give her a Kusanagi however, Melody becomes obsolete. Poor Melody, though I still consider her slightly better than Akane)

5. Rodi (Another great ninja, though his spell selections leave a lot to be desired. He's just a poor copy of Forte, though give him a Kusanagi and this automatically makes him superior to Forte in everyway. Plus, he gets an Attack spell, and Negate which silences mages which is nice)

6. Doyle (He starts out really good when given the Mithril Claw to him, thus outshining Basso during mid-game)

7. Basso (I admit it. Basso looks the coolest in the game, but he's not the best practically speaking. Depending on your playstyle, he's so slow and doesn't hit nearly as hard compared to Doyle and by the time you get the Dragon Axe for him, he only outshines Doyle with slight attack power which is not much if you ask me when you can easily farm Kusanagis from the Spike Dragons at the last dungeon and cheese the game with your OHKO ninjas)

8. Forte (My least favorite character because by the time you get him, depending on your playstyle, he could potentially end up being weaker compared to the rest of your team)

I generally listed my favorites in terms of doing a Lvl 20 playthrough. Because delaying promotion is pretty pointless if you ask me. Experience stays constant throughout the game.

Re: Who IS your favourite character?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 30 2017 3:58am
by Heldane
I actually like how the main character looks in this game, but since he doesn't speak...

Doyle takes the cake.

Re: Who IS your favourite character?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06 2018 8:36pm
by Bertram Kerwin
Basso of course, we don't see many dragon warriors as companion in SF series.
Besides he got good character and wonderful power attack with great impact.
Every time my blood is pumping when he performs Shoulder Bazooka or Tail Bomber. :thumbsup: