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Re: Legacies of Veridocia Demo 2 Release

PostPosted: Tue May 07 2019 4:09pm
by Namagem
I've noticed in the latest demo that the volume control does not actually work currently.

Beyond that, I'm super impressed; I just discovered this was being worked on, and I wish best of luck to you guys. I know you all are working on this for free, and I know community projects require a lot of everyone involved, and I can't tangibly help myself, but I want you guys to know that I'm rooting for you guys.

Re: Legacies of Veridocia Demo 2 Release

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15 2019 3:29pm
by Nash Vegas
Wanted to say that so far I am really enjoying the latest demo. Great work all. One minor thing I noticed is the battle background of battle 2 doesn't quite match up to the map. First time I saw the background it felt a little too busy to me so I started paying attention more. The battle background shows 3 torches in a row on each side but nowhere on the map do I see this. I think it might feel less busy by taking out a torch and maybe putting in a banner. I could be wrong maybe it will be just as busy.

Re: Legacies of Veridocia Demo 2 Release

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04 2019 6:38pm
by Nuburan
All right, team, I took a little time to mess around with the 2.5 demo and see what came out. Just a few quick things I noticed.

Level-ups seem aggressive in terms of total stats gained, and the relative difficulty of battles also rises quickly. This will probably make it difficult for characters who fall behind to catch up. In one of my playthroughs, for example, I let Huun die in the first battle. In the second, he felt very weak, dealing two damage at a time and at risk of being offed by a double attack or a single crit. I'd also conjecture that this steep curve could make battles trivial the second time through after dying or egressing, and it might reward power-levelers and punish people who want to try out a variety of characters.

Speaking of characters dying and failed battles, resurrections and battle restarts are a little clumsy in the demo, though I trust we will find more elegant ways to handle them. I had a thought that it would be easy to introduce a priestess to the jail cell for the second battle. Since the party is set to be executed, she might have been brought in to hear confessions and administer last rites. It could make for a humorous moment when the party realizes--Huun could confess that he lied to Sharna about sleeping on the job, for example--as well as selling the reality of the sentence.

Would it be possible for damage-over-time effects, such as Olivia's fire, to award experience?