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SOLVED Game Freezes After Port Battle in Book 1

Also incorporating Shining Force Gaiden 1 & Shining Force Gaiden 2 (aka Sword of Hajya).

SOLVED Game Freezes After Port Battle in Book 1

Postby daveshan » Mon Feb 26 2018 4:33am

Gyan has literally just joined my force and I'm in the 'town' area to save/revive/shop/etc. Everything is initially fine, I can move between Camp, Exit, and Shop without problem. But if I click on any one of them, the game crashes. Music still plays fine, but the video freezes or goes bluish-purple.

I'm playing on Fusion 3.64. I haven't used any cheat codes. I've tried Perfect Sync. Nothing works. It still freezes whenever I try to talk to Lowe, do anything at the shop, or leave the town.

Anyone have any advice or need to know more to help me?

EDIT: Found the solution

Fortunately, I hard saved (NOT SAVESTATE) a little before the end of the battle. I downloaded a new SFCD rom and placed it in the same folder as the version I was playing. Loading the new version from that folder let me continue from the hard save. From there, the game worked fine.

Just FYI: playing from a savestate that was right before the end of the battle only gave me the same game-crashing problem.

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