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Book 1: Nick

Intriguing and Crippling Glitch--Please Help

Also incorporating Shining Force Gaiden 1 & Shining Force Gaiden 2 (aka Sword of Hajya).

Book 1: Nick

Postby Lucifer » Sun Jul 05 2015 8:29am

I'm in the village, and am about to restart the Iom Monster/Woldol battle. I started up the game, and Nick was dead! According to his stat sheet, he's a level 0 Hero with the stats and spells of a level 17 Hero. There is a blue flame leading the force back and forth through the village. Every time I try to revive my force, everyone except Nick can be revived. It's kind of cool entering battle without having to worry about the leader, but I need Nick to deal the initial blow to Woldol with the Sword of Hajya. I'm using a save file (not savestates), so if anyone has encountered this before and/or has any suggestions on how to solve this issue, then I would be very grateful.

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