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shining force book 3 and 4

how do i make these books playeble

Also incorporating Shining Force Gaiden 1 & Shining Force Gaiden 2 (aka Sword of Hajya).

Re: shining force book 3 and 4

Postby ur boi Max » Thu Mar 14 2019 3:23pm

what is the Special Item
ur boi Max

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Re: shining force book 3 and 4

Postby Sarah MMNK99 » Wed Aug 21 2019 12:20am

ur boi Max wrote:what is the Special Item

In Book 2, Battle 5 there is a well on the map. Examine it, and you will find a museum ticket. Mayfair will confiscate it immediately, but this is what you need to unlock the book 4 museum battle.
Sarah MMNK99

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