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Who's really good in SF2?

Don't front either.

Also incorporating Shining Force Gaiden 1 & Shining Force Gaiden 2 (aka Sword of Hajya).

Who's really good in SF2?

Postby superrojo » Thu Nov 18 2004 7:50pm

Member's Report:
The namecalling in this post was just plain unneccessary. Flaming Skyblade and Trolling him into an argument, which it turned into...

The thread has been locked, and a warning was given in the thread, though based on the unwarrented nature of Kevin's namecalling, I'm going to raise his Warn level as well.

[url=http://forums.shiningforcecentral.com/viewtopic.php?p=46981#p46981]Link to post.[/url]

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Author: Kevin
Post Date: November 17, 2004, 1:48 pm GMT

Copy of post:

QUOTE (superrojo @ Tue Nov 16, 2004 1:54 am) Super's the hardest for anyone with any resemblance of a brain...

It actually raises stats, including hit% ect. ect.

Ouch pretty much just raises the complexity of the AI...which still isn't very good...

So, straight up stats (Super) vs. a computer with IQ of 20 increased to one with an IQ of 25 (Ouch!)...Super wins.

Anyway, on Topic...for me, the toughest battle is probably the Kraken battle...only because I generally like to spread out, and the raft doesn't give me the room to do so.  I like the chess battle because I can spread out without anyone really getting left behind, then taking care of the waves of enemies as they come (nice experience that way, too).
Are you saying "Ouch" doesn't get a stat increase also?

I havven't played under "ouch" in years. In fact, I skipped straight to it after ending "easy"

Groundblade, I'm having a hard time accepting your story of beating the Chessboard so easily. I asked you NOT TO FRONT! Fronting means lying about stuff just to boost yourself among members. No one will dislike you if you tell the truth, you hair-brained nitwit.
Once you attack anyone,
the other pieces attack.

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