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Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11 2009 1:53am
by Namagem
I had heard somewhere that SFCD worked with the Mega Mouse, a peripheral rarely developed for for the genesis/megadrive.
I've tried it under emulation, though, and I can't get it working. It works with normal control, but not with mouse control. Does anyone else have any experience with the Mega Mouse in SFCD?

Re: Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11 2009 4:23am
by Flygon
I also cannot get the Mega Mouse control to work in Kega Fusion.

I could use some assistance too. :damnit:

Re: Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11 2009 7:24am
by Earl
The only Sega CD game I've got that makes use of a mouse is D&D: Eye of the Beholder. It makes sense there, because that game uses a cursor. SF games don't really benefit from that kind of precise movement. Beholder also has a "Mega Mouse" logo on the back of the box, while SFCD does not, nor does its manual mention the mouse at all.

The mouse itself was a three-button deal (that's three full buttons, now two and a clickable wheel), plus a start button below the left one. I assume that a game has to be designed to recognize directional input from the trackball, and SFCD isn't one of those games.

Re: Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16 2009 1:25am
by JDA
Hey, I actually felt like dragging my account out of limbo to reply to this. My PAL copy does have the Mega Mouse symbol on the back of the box, but it doesn't mention it in the manual at all. I do have the mouse as well, and a working MCD, but I've never actually tried it all together. I should give that a shot...

Re: Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18 2009 10:58pm
by Hendricks266
Please do. I'm interested to see what playing a Shining game with a mouse could be like.

Re: Mega Mouse?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06 2017 3:59pm
by Flygon
I hate to bump a topic by about 8 years, but it would seem mildly unreasonable to make a blank new topic.

A SEGA-16 post has reminded me of the situation.

Did anyone ever figure out if Shining Force CD does support the mouse?