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Rom Problems

Discussion about this excellent Game Gear RPG.

Rom Problems

Postby FinFish77 » Tue Feb 27 2007 11:12pm

Every time I patch it, the game wont start. It just gives me a black screen when I try to run it. Ive been trying to run it on Fusion and Gens+, so if there are any special settings im missing, please let me know. Also, Ive tried this with 4 different versions of the Rom, so im pretty sure thats not the problem. If theres another emulator I should be using what is it?

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Re: Rom Problems

Postby Sir Knight » Wed Feb 28 2007 1:08am

Try Emukon, works ok for me.
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Re: Rom Problems

Postby louisey » Tue Apr 19 2011 6:44am

Anyone know how to stop a DVD-ROM disc from skipping when you play it on a computer? There is a DVD-ROM that I am using to study for a college course, but everytime I use it skips so that I can't fully hear the instruction on the DVD. Anybody know how to stop this? Are there cleaners I can use?
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