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Enemy Level Experience Guide

When do enemies start giving you 1 exp. per hit...?

Discussion about this excellent Game Gear RPG.

Enemy Level Experience Guide

Postby WizardMike » Sat Jul 26 2014 8:20pm

Hi everyone, newbie on the block. I've played Forces I and II, Force CD and GG Sword of Hajya, and Final Conflict.

Anyways...not too long ago I was playing Final Conflict, and took the time to research out when the enemies stop giving you experience - partly out of curiosity and partly because it's useful. Basically it's the same kind of thing DavePro came up with that's included in Moogie's guides/info for Force II: http://sf2.shiningforcecentral.com/pages/mainguide_experience.html

Ooze 7
Goblin 7
Orc 8
Hunter Goblin 8
Dark Dwarf 9
Kraken Leg 9
Kraken Arm 10
Giant Bat 9
Brass Loader 11 (same as 1+, L1 promoted)
Green Ooze 10
Worm 11
Dark Mage 3+
Dark Smoke 2+
Orc Lord 2+
Dark Knight 2+
Priest 4+
Hobgoblin 4+
Vampire Bat 4+
Dark Sniper 5+
Hell Soldier 5+
Golem 5+
Harpy 6+
Witch 7+
Shaman 8+
Skeleton 7+
Tentacle Leg 8+
Tentacle Arm 9+
Mist Demon 8+
Bow Rider 8+
Hydra 8+
Master Mage 10+
Executor 10+
Gargoyle 10+
Sandworm 12+
Stone Golem 12+
Harpy Queen 12+*
Brass Gunner 12+
High Priest 15+*
Arch Knight 12+
High Witch 14+*
Skull Warrior 15+
Lesser Demon 16+
Cannon Knight 19+*
Dark Shaman 21+*
Mishaela Doll 22+
Pyrohydra 20+
Demon 20+
Dark General 22+
Reaper 27+
Red Dragon 27+
Evil Statue PROBABLY NONE...? Seriously I had party members as high as 35+ and they were STILL giving 49 exp. for kills. :shock: By that point I figured it wasn't worth trying to go any higher.

There's a reason several of the lower ones have stars. That's because those are all enemies who have a "dropped" item in one of the later battles. For whatever reason, there's a bug in the game whereby those enemies who drop an item have their "experience plateau", so to speak, set a few levels lower than it is for their fellow kin. Just as a refresher, those are:

Harpy Queen w/Power Ring in Battle 18
High Witch w/Evil Ring in Battle 19
High Priest w/Demon Rod in Battle 19
Cannon Knight w/Hyper Cannon in Battle 20
Dark Shaman w/White Ring in Battle 20

And probably the Dark Shaman with the Mystery Staff in Battle 19 as well. (Was feeling lazy and didn't bother to verify this with that one.)

So...yeah. Hope this is helpful! :) I think I'll try to do one for Force CD as well, but even trying to do one for the first Force game would be something of a crapshoot, methinks, due to the way experience is in that game.

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