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Katana casts Hell Blast level 2!!

A connection to SF3 along with...

Discussion about this excellent Game Gear RPG.

Katana casts Hell Blast level 2!!

Postby Sinful Force » Sun May 08 2011 2:27am

I just found out that the Samurai Sword casts Hell blast level 2!! Something I never knew and tested it out at the same time I tested the Halberd thing. Which is also pretty cool despite it's weak damage since you can see that this idea for a Katana to have a Hell Blast spell originated here (along which Ninja Shurikens), and not just in Shining Force 3. I just love making all these connections between all Shining Force game... I'm gonna need to compile all these things down in a topic (so I can get help from others too) someday.
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