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Question about how this game connects SF1 and SF2

Discussion about this excellent Game Gear RPG.

Question about how this game connects SF1 and SF2

Postby Trovador » Mon Nov 19 2018 4:49pm

Hi guys,

I just finished playing Final Conflict for the second time. But this time, instead of just being amazed, about how it connects the three Mega Drive games, I found myself wondering:

  • Why sir doesn't Astral appear in Final Conflict? Since he is very old in Shining Force 2 I assumed he would be, at least, already born by this time. Is he so younger the Hawell?
  • Why doesn't Zynk apprear in Final Conflict, too? In Shining Force 2 he is an anciant robot who knows how to flight the Nazca Ship, but in Final Conflict the only robot is Adam, who doesn't know about the Nazca Ship. Am I wrong to assume that Adam and Zynk are the same robot? (Adam is kind of broken in Final Conflict, Zynk seems to be a little "broken" in Shining Force 2 and he never shows his face)
  • Is Elis's father Nosshu? Or would Nosshu be Elis's grandfather?

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