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Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22 2016 1:03am
by DiegoMM
Yes, im starting to play this game, do you guys have any advice for me? Im in chapter 2 now

I dont undestand japanese, but im using cyber akuma translation.

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02 2016 1:20am
by chevkraken
ok, as advice:
-Use always your character with lower level
-Don't use additional character in remplacment, the game is very easy, and they will take too much XP if you use it.
-Use 5 character only for main story mission, for the other quest use only 3 characters. (if you make every mission with 5 character, the game would be too easy)
-Don't make side quest more than a time
-Don't touch non sidequest or story battle ou of the towns
-when you use Rage, use mainly Link attack with other character (link attack with Rage give social point to unlock story of the character)
-if you want to increase your social point, redo also the first side quest of the game and kill the ennemis by doint link attack with rage and the character you want to upgrade (the XP would be very low, but the social point not)
-don't bother to upgrade your character to the maximum. level 3 or for every technique and magic if far enough
-don't forget to seek every treasure box on battle map and hidden item on every town in every chapter
-think to buy bread before every battle
-when you will play end game (chapter 10) the new mission (and even side quest) are high level so you can use 5 character

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26 2017 1:46pm
by rid1ey
chevkraken do you know of any online guides, please?

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28 2017 8:03pm
by chevkraken
nope (online a web translation of the story mode) but the game is really easy to dollow even in jap witout guide (every quest is shown by an icon)

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29 2017 9:02am
by rid1ey
OK - I know of the translation (and am using it per Chapter) but is there not even an online Japanese guide I can translate with my mobile phone? (much like the multiple ones for Shining Hearts)
(EDIT or use Google Chrome - link below)

I'm having problems with a boss (Surt?) and your automatically given 3 characters to use (Chapter 3)

(EDIT - my mistake you MUST have Aira&Elmina the other 3 are optional)

am I meant to perform a song?
(EDIT you can perform a song using ELmina and pushing 'square' on the map)

what 'alchemy' should I be buying?

what about equipment?
(EDIT you equip items on the status option)

the healing items don't give much back.

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29 2017 5:15pm
by chevkraken
Yeah, It's recommanded to perform a Song for every boss, some boss can't be beaten without using song(you can stop the song just after using it if you need your 5 playables character). But at chapter 3, I am not sure you already have a song.

For the Alchemy, I have always just upgraded my original weapon for each character. It's far enough.

For the healing item, at the beggining of the game it's true they are not really good, it's better to have an healer in your team

For the equipment, check your stat and compare, I used only equipment who upgrade the best stat of each character or their movment range, like in Shining force, there is some unique (and better) equpment on Deals ait the merchant.

Re: Starting a playthroiugh of this

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01 2017 12:33pm
by rid1ey
thanks for the helpfull information chevkraken