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The Script

Forum for the Shining Force Feather Translation Project team to discuss progress. More translators always welcome!

Re: The Script

Postby Moogie » Thu Nov 08 2012 11:00am

Not a bad idea, I could add battle objectives etc to my guide in the feather forum :) I think I've covered most of the tutorial type stuff there already, but will need to check.
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)

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Re: The Script

Postby Raijinili » Thu Nov 29 2012 1:36am

Simpelicity wrote:The script means all the text that appears in the game? 'cause today I spent a large part of my time trying to translate the descriptions of some rings that give no stats, ie trying to find every japanese character somewhere on the net and copypasting it into Google translate. Could I have access to that script? It would remove the first half of the problem, and then I'd just have to figure stuff out with Google ( who's not ideal).

If anyone's interested, I was looking at those rings that appear at the merchant after a certain battle that has 2 bosses. It's the first time I saw rings with no stat boosts. I was trying to figure out what they do. I got an approximate translation of what the 4 rings that cost 5000 do. I don't really get it though. It's something like :

Dedicated accessory
Single spark Might be used

And then replace "spark" with things like "eriaru", "eye spike", "block the noise".
Then again, google doesn't have a definite answer on what everything means ("block the noise" could be "probe the size", for instance), and you can change the order of things to boot. It could also be "Will be able to use Single spark", which still doesn't mean anything to me. Maybe it's a spell you can use with this equipped?

It's too late now, but here:
http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/srv/sff/E3- ... 3-AA-.html

You can look there for other possible transcriptions. This may be useful as a secondary reference:

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