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Copyright Infridgement

OST Theft ?

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Copyright Infridgement

Postby punkazzz » Sun Apr 26 2015 4:28pm

Ok so i haven't been active in a long time just dropping by to share something awesome.
A few days ago a friend picked me up from my place. So I'm sitting in his passenger seat minding my own buisness suddenly, he turns up the stereo and this song was playing and i was like :shock: .
i asked him the name and downloaded it when i got home. i'll post a link to it it's called "andholan" by mikal hassan. It has an very weird resemblance to the SF OST.... I cant put my finger on it but maybe you guys can help me out.

here's the link:
https://mega.co.nz/#!s9UwDSSb!49YztfJF6 ... MIJeK_tsgQ
The cake is a Lie !!!
The cake is a Lie !!!

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