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Forum RPG Announcements

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Forum RPG Announcements

Postby Alpha » Sat Oct 26 2013 2:56am

Good evening all.

Us moderators have recently discovered that it's possible to play the forum rpg without posting and instead sending private messages to count as activity. Moogie has confirmed that this is not how it's supposed to work. Moogie's plan is to remove the ability to do this, but anybody found using this method (or any other non-posting method) to play the game will receive a lengthy suspension.

That is all :)

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Re: Forum RPG Announcements

Postby Stordarth » Thu Oct 31 2013 4:44pm


Since the first few posts were made that overtly stated their intent as being solely for restoring shop access, us mods have been discussing the situation. On the one hand, it's not the most active of boards, and sometimes it's hard to find things to talk about. On the other, Moogie has made her feelings quite clear: people should not just be here for the shop. There are limits that she has put in place to curb this, and these are there for that reason.

So with that in mind, from this point onward, we shall be regarding posts that are overtly made for 'appeasing Nova' as spam.

Such posts will be deleted if they are seen, and a warning given for the first incident. Flouting this warning and continuing with this behaviour in spite of that warning will result in a 3-day suspension from using the shop system (you will be able to use the forums as normal). Repeat offenders after the initial shop suspension will be handled on a case by case basis.

We've felt unsure of how to handle this for some time, but we agree that it needs to stop. Please try and post something worth reading and inspire genuine discussion - either in the shop forum, or elsewhere on the boards - if you want to use the shop. That is how it was intended to work.


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