PostPosted: Sat May 25 2019 4:16am
by Guy Jepson
Hello everyone!

Long time listener, first time caller.

I'll get right to it: I'm making a mod for sf2 and I want my monsters to give out maximum experience to characters that are at higher levels.

For example: a monster death would give out 49 experience instead of 20 as it normally would at a certain level.

From what I understand this is a function of your actors level versus your targets level. So using Space King's sf2edit program i said, "Oh, I can just bump all the monsters levels by two and my characters can reach higher levels before reaching diminishing returns on experience, making the game less grindy! Awesome!"

Now, I did all that and just tested it out on some gizmos and I'm still only getting about 24 experience for defeating a gizmo. I tried bumping up the gizmos levels to 99 and i got the same result.

So, either I was wrong about how monsters give out exp based on level and the function has different variables, or I made some other mistake unrelated to my editing.

I've just downloaded ronnen's exp editor and read through his thread about manipulating monster exp yields, but it uses a lot of code and math and I'm not sure if I understood it correctly. I'm just not that tech-savvy.

I figure I could start a new thread and prompt a discussion about this topic to help me and other ignoramuses. I feel like what I'm trying to achieve shouldn't be too difficult and that someone on here must know a simple solution.

All that said, my mod is nearly complete and I want to begin testing it ASAP. I'm really proud of it and I will definitely share it with everyone on this site! I'd love to hear others input!

Please be patient with me. This isn't just my first time posting on this forum but this is my first time posting on ANY forum.

I love you guys an I have been frequenting this site essentially from it's conception.


PostPosted: Sun May 26 2019 9:00am
by Siel
EXP gains certainly are affected by the level difference, but with some caveats:
-the maximum base EXP based on level difference is 50
-EXP is capped at 49 (before randomization)
-the first battle is special in that it halves EXP gains

In other words, the characters in your tests are probably first set to gain something like 30+50=80 EXP from damaging and killing the Gizmo, which is then capped to 49 by that second step, and which is finally halved and rounded down due to the battle being the first one, resulting in the unbudging 24 you're getting.

The first two limitations can of course be edited in ronnen's EXP editor. For the last one, here's a patch to disable it:
SF2 Non-Halved Gizmo EXP


PostPosted: Sun May 26 2019 10:09am
by Guy Jepson
Seil, Thank you so much for your hasty reply!

I was beginning to think that there must have been something unique about the Gizmos themselves.
I'm going to test this on the ooze battle now and see what happens.
Cant wait to share my mod with my friends and you guys too. Hopefully you guys will like it!