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Increasing the monster slots?

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Increasing the monster slots?

Postby Vegeta9001 » Wed Apr 24 2019 1:35am

Hey guys, I'm looking for a way to increase the monster slots in the game, so I can add more custom enemies such as more bosses or mini boss on the battle maps.

I looked around using SF2 Edit or Caravan v0.6, but I didn't find anything and I also tried to use the search tool on the forum, but found nothing too, does anybody know if its even possible?

I do not want to use existing monster slots to create my custom enemies since there is already very few of them in the game.

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Re: Increasing the monster slots?

Postby FfuzzyLogik » Tue Apr 30 2019 4:40pm


Sorry to not have answer to that... I haven't explored hex editing and structure of game...

I have some questions about changes can be done too.

For example, I noticed there are two faces for mearchants. I'd like to change sprite for (let's say weapon one) and his face. I made a new face and sprite for it but I don't know how to change the sprite used nor whitch face is used by witch unit.
Samely recently someone made a face for the minister. It could be very nice to use it and affect it for minister's face. But its even more complecate...
I'd also make the blackmith have his own sprite. Re-using the sprite of some not frequently used NPC, I had in mind to make a new blacksmith special sprite... But I don't know how to change the specific sprite used for him... If I change the dwarven sprite, all dwarves will have the new one...

Anyways I continue to make things I know and I'll take some free time to explore new tools.
See ya.

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Re: Increasing the monster slots?

Postby Lyanel » Wed May 01 2019 11:45am

Both of you should look at SF2disasm

For monster, it's somewhat hard after having disassambled the rom (look previous link for tuto), look in \disasm\data\stats\enemies there you can add/edit various files related to monster once done you need to edit the battle files using \disasm\data\battles\SF2BattleEditor-1.2.0.jar to add/change monster. Saddly no matter what you do you'll have a probleme since the mapsprite list is extremely limited.

For portrait, it's a lot more easy, go in \disasm\data\graphics\portraits use SF2PortraitManager-1.2.0.jar, to create new one then add them in entries.asm. Finally, you just need to relate the portrait to a mapsprite by editing \disasm\data\spritedialogdefs.bin, by using SF2DialogPropertiesManager-1.1.0.jar.

LMP, easy i told you :shock:
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"I'm on the web, like a Ghost in a University, so let me sleep for the peace of the World."

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