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Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02 2018 9:16pm
by zexxar
Yeah have fun with some new even more dangerous enemies :D

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04 2018 5:49pm
by Swalchy
Don't know how I managed to do it, but was able to defeat King Galam with no deaths! :shock:

Was very touch and go with everything before actually getting to King Galam.

Bought Chaz a Mystery staff (thought MP regain would come in more useful than the +5 def, despite it being slow). Bought loads of Healing Waters for everyone. Forgot to repair Luke's Levanter >.> Then went into battle!

Got everyone in formation to cast Boost on them all; during this time the first three enemies came. Sent Claude to tempt them, and they took the bait... somewhat. Decided to go for Slade instead who was just past Claude. Anyways, was able to defeat them and use up some of the Healing Waters. Then proceeded to go right, and was able to lure down the Archer, White Dragon, and Executioner, who went down with some hustle and bustle. Almost KO'd May, but she hung on with 3 HP. Healed her up using one of the numerous healing waters, and then proceeded to make formation again for Boost.

Then I decided to head straight for Galam. Thankfully the enemies to the left didn't start moving really until I was getting close to Galam, so only had to deal with the Demon Master, Shaman, and King Galam, who decided it would be fun to just attack two people with Demon Blaze (Higgins and Slade); thankfully with their high HP they were above 20 HP, and were able to get healed with some more healing water.

Demon Master went down to Claude and Karna, and then just spammed Magic against King Galam and the Shaman, with Slade's bolt and Tyrin's Freeze 4 doing some decent damage to King Galam. With everyone attacking him (and the enemies to the left not getting close enough), I was able to even Let Kiwi get the finishing blow!

I didn't keep a track of levels (was concentrating on not dying!), so...

Tasks: Repair Luke's Levanter.

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04 2018 8:15pm
by MXC
Wow. You guys are awful at keeping levels consistent. Karna is 5 levels too high, Chaz doesn't even know Freeze 4, because he's LEVEL 22. Lemon and Luke are 21. What the hell! Karna will not be used and nobody else will be higher than level 27 when I finish.

Luke 22
Lemon 22
Kiwi 24
Luke 23
Chaz 24 (Bolt 2 at least, sigh)
Gyan 24
Luke 24
Lemon 23
Taya 25 (Atlas)
Gyan 25
Lemon 24
Luke kills Zeon.

Everyone is level 24-26 except the crutch. Anything that was cracked before still is, because I'm lazy. Used a few healing items. No deaths.

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11 2018 12:17pm
by Swalchy
*le bump*

*pokes greyskies in the eye*

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17 2018 12:26am
by greyskies
Ouch! I'm not suited for the life of a pirate! Seawater is poison for my sensible skin!

Did this one in a rush because I'm short on freetime these days.

Sent everyone out and threw in a boost. Kiwi and Claude were in the front because they're fast enough to get stuff done. Kiwi made it till Geshp, who attacked together with Odd-Eye and Galam. They may not be as dangerous without the double turns, but Galam still managed to take down Slade with a counter attack before biting the dust. At this point I was basically down three members, because Lemon is as fast as a snail and I couldn't be bothered to wait for him.
Lured out Red Baron with Claude, Desoul failed. Made quick work of him and approached Zeon. Took one turn for an Aura2, then rushed him. His first Demon Breath produced no casualties, but he counterkilled Lemon, which I found satisfying. He made it to a second turn which resulted in a few more casualties before dying.
Game over.
Except that there's still two Prism Flowers left standing, but whatever.

Nice work, everyone!

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17 2018 1:12pm
by MXC
Another one bites the dust :)

Re: Team Shining Force II #19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18 2018 1:35am
by Trent
So glad there's still a Team Game going! Good on you guys.