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SF2 Mods on steam

Why so few are available via Mega Drive collection?

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

SF2 Mods on steam

Postby Woodhouse204 » Sat Jan 28 2017 1:23am

As a newcomer to this forum, I came across Mods for Shining Force 2 via the Steam megadrive collection , and after having completed the most popular mod (Dark Claw's Shining Tactics), I am curious about others that are also available on that platform.

The only ones that are on steam, are to my knowledge:

- Tweakforce (Various versions)
- Battle Royale (Not sure which version, but doesn't seem to be uploaded by it's author)
- Wrace Edition (Seems to be a light changing to items and exp)
- Shining Tactics

My question is this - Why are there not more Mods on offer here?

I understand very well that they are available on this forum and are very easily accessible, to those who know how to look. I'm curious though why the wider-reaching outlet of Steam isn't being used by more Authors, seeing as Sega is pretty much encouraging this kind content on a very public forum and more people look on there than on here.

If anyone has any insight on to this, I would be very interested.



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Re: SF2 Mods on steam

Postby Generation » Sat Jan 28 2017 10:48pm

I think the steam mods popped up as recently last year. That's why the folks on twitch were pushing me to upload Tweakforce to the platform in the first place, because it was still new.

And that's pretty much quite it. A lot of mods have a lot of age behind them, and the time hasn't really passed yet for people to take note and add their own. And also, the uploading tool for Segas mods is somewhat cumbersome and buggy and, at least in my experience, it doesn't allow you to retroactively update it.

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