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Detox Less Useless

also a rework of status effects and other things

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Re: Detox Less Useless

Postby DiegoMM » Sun Dec 23 2018 12:47pm

Is a even better solution than mine. But where you should display the icon? In magic part? Is it possible to use in the same spot that the 2 jewels are displayed in bowie status screen?
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Speaking...tires me.
Fighting...tires me
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Re: Detox Less Useless

Postby Siel » Fri Feb 01 2019 1:39am

Oops, I had another look at the Agility Affects Evasion patch and figured out why it doesn't work properly: I accidentally deleted one line of code too many when I was taking out stuff I used for debug testing before creating the patcher (which is also why debug mode never showed anything wrong despite the actual patch's dysfunctionality). This resulted in the RNG check using garbage data or, more precisely, the defender's unit ID instead of the intended evasion value. Bowie, being ID 0, thus had abnormally high rates of dodging (i.e. 100%).

Anyway, here's the fixed version of the patch AgilityAffectsEvasion_fixed

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Re: Detox Less Useless

Postby FfuzzyLogik » Sun Feb 10 2019 10:30pm

Hello there.
Thank you for update Siel ! :thumbsup: (This smilies don't look to smile but... I smile !)

I was thinking a bit about some spells changes. First of all, I find spells who makes somehting else than "damage" or "heal" intresting. It increases strategy !
So spells like boost, slow, muddle, sleep... Are intresting to change a bit game's playstyle and possibilites to "win" some part of fight.

Comparing boost and slow (the old one) is easy... Boost is quite OP and slow a bit shitty... (for the ones who think so, useless to read demonstration :( ).
- First, experience. "Bonuses" spells all have the great advantage to "not miss" so you have many experience in doing them. You can even "cheat" in a way making "infinite levels" quite easily. Second... You can place your troops how required to use spell on many of your members... Ennemies won't group for you can cast "slow on them" for example.
- Second, effect. You can miss ennemies, you cannot miss allies. So even if you slow great amount of ennemies, it normally not work on all of them.
- Third, why not hit ? If you hit or you cast damaging spell, as the game is done, except for boss (who're quite immune to decreasing spells), you'll two hit/spell them generally. So if one of your troop just waste turn to "slow" and not do damage nor heal, its quite a dangerous waste of turn... If you boost, you can have some chances to "play faster" than opponent and all ally will resist and you needn't to go close of ennemies (with your caster who's quite weak in general case).

That said, I have some ideas... To make them more "of use"...
How you made "slow"a "slowing" spell (who's actually sleep) is quite nice... If you add this with a patch giving ability to "spell or shoot" from very far, that shall be good. But if spells are quite "close" (as it actually is in game) what's the use of doing a slow spell who decreases moove speed if you place a spellcaster not far from ennemies ? He'll be the focus of the "slowed" ennemy... And notice than there is a possibility for him to not be slowed... So, as usual, slow risk to be out of use...
The idea is : make slow decreases more the speed ? So if speed is drastically decreased (lets say 0% speed first turn, then 25% then 50% for example - round down), the unit will be rooted the first turn, so the mage can flee then the slow continues and ennemy will not have good initiative. The spell shall be stronger ?
For this spell, increasing the rate of working shall not be OP aswell ?

=> So the "slow" spell will really "slow" in all its definitions (speed and agility) : -25% agility all the time ; speed reduced by 100%, 75%, 50%.
=> For the "sleep" spell maybe the "weakening attack" you made + the effect of muddle lv1 ? -25% attack all turns and "muddle 1" (so loss more accuracy). [So maybe make muddle do "muddle 2" at all levels]
=> And for "boost" spell : I thought about rename it "stone skin" and increase defense but decrease agility ? +25% Def and -25% agi (for 3 turns as usual). Maybe gives less experience as it can't fail ?
What do you think about that ?

I hope I don't bother you with useless ideas... Have a good night.

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