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Ancient Created vs God Created

Here's the place to discuss the "Resurrection of the Dark Dragon" game for GBA. Note that the original Shining Force has a seperate forum.

Ancient Created vs God Created

Postby Caedmonball19 » Sat Aug 17 2019 2:38am

Curious on people’s thoughts on what is considered created by the ancients and what was created by the gods. In various places of ROTDD it is mentioned that the ancients creations rebelled against them. The easy things to identify as creations would the machines: Torch Eye, Laser Eye, Dark Claw, Adam, Chaos. I would also assume they create other things like the caravan, Taros, prism flowers, and the various towers, metapha, ground seal, the gates at runefaust and guardiana. They were very busy but what else would they have created/built?
As I look through the enemies of SF1 I would say chimeras, blue dragons, colossus would be created, and maybe Cerberus. Other enemies I can’t picture being created but for the creations to rebel I don’t know what other creations could be in the game. I don’t see the torch eyes and chimeras having the thought process to formally rebel.
Also were they creating races? Was it like the island of dr Moreau? Did they make Kiwi, Jogurt and Guntz like characters?Centaurs, Birdmen, Dragons?
Just curious what the community thinks.

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Re: Ancient Created vs God Created

Postby Nash Vegas » Fri Aug 23 2019 8:07pm

All good questions Caedmon. I think that there is at least a core group of races created by the gods. The guidebook for SF1 lists something like 13 races. After that I think it’s entirely possible to have created races. Domingo I feel like would be a created being as he comes from an egg which comes from a scary looking machine. I think even an old post from an add on book says Domingo eggs used to be more prevalent during ancient times or something like that. The one off characters you mentioned raise a question mark like why is there only one we ever see. Remember back to SF1 and Max is turned into a hen. If that’s possible then I suppose it’s not impossible to have people creating a half hen - half man.
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Re: Ancient Created vs God Created

Postby TheUnknownMarine » Wed Sep 11 2019 5:39pm

If I recall correctly in ROTDD it's explicitly stated that most of the nonhuman races of Rune were created by the Ancients for one reason or another. Magical guardians were almost certain produced by forces other than the Ancients though, and the heavily magical races such as devils/fairies, are of course, outside their purview.

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