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Nyttelost's Battle Corner - Shining Force: RotDD

Write-Ups and Videos to Battle #5

Here's the place to discuss the "Resurrection of the Dark Dragon" game for GBA. Note that the original Shining Force has a seperate forum.

Nyttelost's Battle Corner - Shining Force: RotDD

Postby Nyttelost » Tue Apr 10 2018 5:06am

A long, long time ago, I did a write-up of a few mods of various Shining Force games on here, documenting my progress with battle reports. With improvements to my hardware and software, I'll continue this trend. Now including video! Videos will be put into spoilers, but I'll do a battle report proper below the spoiler. If I update during a period where no activity is occurring on the thread, I'll edit the last post that I made.


EDIT: Chances are that you might not be able to see the video (or videos, as the case may be when I update this more). If that is the case, here's a link to the master playlist proper.
With that, let's begin!

Episode 1
We receive grave news: Max- I mean, Dan lost his memory after washing up on the shores of Guardiana about a year ago. Now we receive even graver news: Ward doesn't like us, but everyone else that matters does. So forget about Ward. The King bequeaths us with a mission to the Gate of the Ancients, and we must gather some troops (and some good herb) to take it on.

We recruit:
Dan (that's us!)
Ken (his dad died when he was young)
Tao (something happened involving a monster)
Hans (tells us our coat is blue, and it means "Don't lose hope.")
Luke (the only member of a band)
Lowe (is always hungry)

Then we go out in the carriage and...
Mawlock! Ah! He's only a little fishy. But we are given a secondary quest to collect cards for some reason. Onward!

We go to a nearby cabin to recruit:
Gong! (Not much is known about him at this point, but it was fate that we met.)

We also found some tasty yogurt.

And now, for battle!
Battle #1: The Folly of Goblin-Man
Grinding Egresses: 0
Deaths: 0
Bonus: Yes
This battle is rather straight-forward. Just don't let your guard down.

Episode 2
I leave the cabin behind and proceed to...
Battle #2: Leave Ken Behind!
Grinding Egresses: 0
Deaths: 0
Bonus: Yes
This battle is also straight-forward. Ken will likely get left behind in this battle, as centaurs do not handle hills (or most terrain, really) well.

Guardiana was wrecked by Runefaust, and Kane steals the Light Saber (yes, Light Saber - those used to the original will be confused by some of the changes in this game) and the life of Varios and the King. Sadness was had. Mae challenged Kane to a duel, and Dan saved her from a brutal slash by parrying Kane. The Ward reveals that the Light Saber belonged to us.


Anyways, we recruited Mae and Gong to conclude these past two battles with...
Dan - Level 3
Ken - Level 1
Tao - Level 2
Hans - Level 3
Luke - Level 3
Lowe - Level 2
Gong - Level 2 (talks about his backpack)
Gort - Level 2 (has an epic tale to tell)
Mae - Level 2 (something is bothering her)
Cards Collected: 1

Episode 3
I gave everyone at least one herb for next battle and whenever herbs are necessary. Anyway, we leave for Alterone when suddenly-

Battle #3: Bats. Bats Everywhere.
Grinding Egresses: 0
Deaths: 0
Bonus: Yes
We learn that Dan is a lethal weapon against bats. We also learn that Luke does not mess around. Also we sling spears and fists against bats and have it be relatively effective.

We destroy everyone and proceed to explore the area outside of Alterone Castle, looting every chest and telling a merchant friend that Guardiana's knights were annihilated. Also, everyone in this town is super greedy for reasons, there's a not-so-secret tunnel somewhere, and the priest's deputy is performing the priestly duties.

Dan - Level 4
Ken - Level 3
Tao - Level 3
Hans - Level 4
Luke - Level 4
Lowe - Level 3
Gong - Level 3
Gort - Level 3
Mae - Level 3
Cards Collected: 1. Haven't entered headquarters to see if we have friendship cards, but I will in the next update.

Episode 4
We loot what we can from Castle Alterone and then speak to the king. Turns out that while he's a greedy man normally, he does care enough about his people to surrender to Kane if it means sparing the townspeople. Nobody said he was a clever man, though, and the king realized that he was bamboozled when Kane threatens to take off his head to get Dan to surrender.

Anyways, we collect cigarettes in order to talk an inmate into helping us break out and- oh, wait, wrong game. That's Dead to Rights. Khris comes to save us and shows us a secret passage to get out.

I talk to allies to learn more about their stories, collect their cards, then we go out into the sunlight to take on Kane!

Battle #4: Now With More Glass Cannons!
Grinding Egresses: 0
Deaths: 0
Bonus: Yes
Hans almost died, but otherwise this battle went swimmingly. We did not get the Evil Ring, though. Oh, and the new enemies are glass cannons. Sorry, Snipers and Dark Mage, but you'll have to do better than that!

We survive with barely even a scratch, and we obtain Khris' card. Then...

Episode 5
We take the remaining slim pickings. We talk to the King, tell him that we don't forgive him and then forgive him when we realize that he won't let us leave until we do. Anyway, he tells us of the "secret" tunnel, and so we hightail it into...

Wait, what's this? An epilogue? Sign me up!
We get a good look at Runefaust's capital castle, where Ramladu lives with Darksol and others. Ramladu has a daughter named Narsha, and Narsha thinks that Darksol is bad news. Unfortunately for her, he is bad news, and he sends agents to kill her... but not before Mawlock appears out of nowhere and destroys them with a single charge. Anyway, Narsha gets sent to a desert temple ruin area and must fight her way out!

Battle #5: Remind Me of the Babe
Egress is not possible.
Deaths: 0
Narsha moves slowly through the sands until a new hero in... chitinous armor joins the fray. Meet Zuika. He has the power of... something, and will stop at nothing to obliterate his foes, which are a bunch of rats, spiders, scorpions, and a Dark Mage in this very battle. I take my sweet time to get what I want out of this. We end this battle with the following:
Narsha - Level 5
Zuika - Level 6

Meanwhile, the Force arrives at Rindo and we conclude with the following:
Dan - Level 5
Ken - Level 5
Tao - Level 4
Hans - Level 5
Luke - Level 5
Lowe - Level 3
Gong - Level 5
Gort - Level 4
Mae - Level 4
Khris - Level 2
Cards Collected: 6.

I'll generally do one battle per video, although I'll squeeze in plot wherever necessary.
Current Youtube Activities:
Chroma Squad, Valkyria Chronicles, Shining Force: RotDD.

"Strategy. Is. Always." - Shane (Did You Know Gaming), Asagao Academy 2016
Current Youtube Activities:
Chroma Squad, Valkyria Chronicles, Shining Force: RotDD.

"Strategy. Is. Always." - Shane (Did You Know Gaming), Asagao Academy 2016

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