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25 Stars!!!

Oh boy...

Here's the place to discuss the "Resurrection of the Dark Dragon" game for GBA. Note that the original Shining Force has a seperate forum.

25 Stars!!!

Postby monkbarron » Wed Jun 14 2017 4:37pm

Hello fellow Shining Members! So for the past few days I have been consecutively playing through ROTDD, and this morning, at like 7A.M Utah Time, I hit my 25th star! The first seven I did were pure Max solos, which, were all a nightmare. After that, up until now, this was the battle plan;
Mawlock (Max Card, Dark Dragon Card, Misc, Misc)
Also, I used Jogurt, which was kind of useful because I used all of the stat up items and even at level one, he had the following stats;
ATT; 24
DEF; 30
AGI; 18
MOV; 6
He also had a bunch of different rings, and I always boosted him in battle, which he could actually kick some monster butt. :excited:
Anyways, at star sixteen is when it started to heat up. It seemed as though all enemies had double stats, even though they didn't. But star twenty-one, THAT, was pure heck. I died twice in the fourth battle because the Giant Bats, even with the Anti-Sleep ring, kept putting me to sleep, and the Rune Knights were getting constant crits. Finally, I got to star twenty four, and I just blasted through the whole game, ignoring almost everything. (BTW, who else noticed that when having a very small force, Max seemed to get more counters?) Finally, That is when I got the 25th star. Now then, I have a nice strat;

Grind Max to Level 6 in the first battle!
Promote Max before Marionette battle!
Give the power ring to Mawlock, use it to boost Max.
When Narsha joins, promote her. Grind her as high as possible in the chapter prologues.
Give the power ring to Jogurt. (Yogurt, whichever you prefer)
Get the mobility ring in chapter five, give it to whoever.
Use all stat increase items (i.e. Power Potion) on Jogurt.
Have everyone at level 30-50 for Dark Dragon.

This is the strat I used for stars 8-25. now then, I am going to go to bed. :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:
:sleep: Z Will Always Dominate Any SF TAS :sleep:
:sleep: Z Will Always Dominate Any SF TAS :sleep:

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