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Playing the last Shining


Discuss the latest SRPG in the Shining Series, available now for Nintendo DS!

Playing the last Shining

Postby DiegoMM » Fri Dec 22 2017 8:26pm

Of all shining games that I can possible play (no mobile or arcade :blush: ), Shining Feather is the one that I didnt even touch yet. So I finally decided to enjoy it.

Any tips for the first playthrough? No spoiler please.

Edit: My first impressions are not very good. For a tactical game the battles are too straightfoward, no obstacles or need of strategy, just wait turns to your force bar fill and attack. Im on battle 6 and very disapointed for now, hope its get better.
I learned english playing Shining Force 2!
I learned english playing Shining Force 2!

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