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Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30 2018 7:00pm
by legalize freedom
Continuing the discussion from the Galm's Red Text thread, let's figure out if we want to keep it or not.

Here is the latest LP that is a good representation of the red text and how it looks (at least with the default window colour).

Should we keep the red text or change it back to white? I would offer more options, but the other available colours don't show up well with all possible backgrounds, so it should probably be either red or white.

I'll let this run for 4 months, which is the time I would need to know to make the possible change for V20.

Thanks for your input!

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30 2018 9:30pm
by Pappets
Isn't this idea a little off track? What I mean is that it goes beyond the translation. But yes, it looks nice.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30 2018 10:28pm
by Kalkano
That's the first time I've seen it, but I like it. I think it should look different than everyone else's.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30 2018 11:27pm
by DomingoRules!
Regardless of the outcome, I definitely have to respect your care to make sure the color works no matter the background.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01 2018 9:08am
by Chinagonuk
Despite the fact that it was I who initially started the discussion, saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of the red text, I have decided to vote in favour of keeping the red text.

When I first witnesed the new colour, it was on a very light blue background with 0 transparency. I think this made it look more blurry than it would with the default settings. Having Galm use a different colour to everyone else certainly adds to his character and further increases his cool factor. LF has ensured me that, out of all the possible colours, red seems to be the best looking choice and I believe him. Also red is a nice choice, given Galm’s powerful, evil aura.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01 2018 4:26pm
by knight0fdragon
Still do not like it. I can see changing the text to a dark gray when his face is not present to give the text a better tone, but once he is established, it should go back to white. Also, Galm is not evil, and to reflect as such only goes against what Galm truly stands for.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02 2018 4:24am
by DomingoRules!
I think it's less about making him seem evil, and more about making him stand out as significant, which the game already does naturally with the rainbow text used for his name; this sounds like it's just simply expanding on that. The specific color choice sounds like it was nothing more than a coincidence of circumstance.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28 2018 12:53am
by betterinthepast
Ahh, please don't experiment with this, the best interaction in the game.

One of the reasons Galm is my favourite character is he is such an enigma, and his motivations unknown. Largely the shadowy figure in the background, pulling strings. Red text is like having a big neon arrow pointing at him. The mystique is gone. Is it necessary? In fact, I even think the flashing name alone was overkill. When Galm shows up, the screen darkens, and he has his own unique, awesome theme tune. And all the Bulzome priests shit their pants. I think all of this is enough of a signal that this character is important (not to mention the fact that Julian doesn't shut up about him).

It's also kind of a spoiler, because when you see the first line of red text you instantly know it's Galm, rather than the slow build up and payoff when he finally materialises.

Besides this though, if the text is not red in the original Japanese, and if the Japanese language itself does not have some important flavour which cannot be translated into English without changing the font colour, then is this change in the spirit of how the original story writers intended this interaction to unfold? I guess I agree with Pappets here in that this seems like a fundamental change to the narrative direction of this scene, as opposed to being a translation.

By the way, long-term fan of SF3 since release. I played the other scenarios with printed scripts years back, and this is my first go with the patches. Would like to applaud all the work of the translation team for making this possible. During my playthroughs if I happen to note any bugs or weirdness it'd be an honour to point it out and make the smallest of contributions!

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04 2018 12:56pm
by legalize freedom
Thank you for explaining this so clearly. I'm warm to this argument. I've certainly come to understand that those who like the red text could live peacefully without it while those that don't like it tend to see it as a travesty. :) That would definitely come into play if the vote were to remain close.

In the English release of Sc1, Galm's initial line of text is light grey, so that's probably what got the wheels turning initially. Grey is used in the rest of the game to indicate whispering, so this instance was out of place. It's difficult to guess exactly what they had in mind with this.

Anyone who has not voted, please do so.

Thank you for the kind words and yes, please report any errors you find. That would be most appreciated!

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 1:08am
by mr2dax
In the very beginning of sc 2 there is a woman in the Imperial District who blushes when Medion talks to her.
I remember a part of the text saying ポッ in red (~blush).
I think red is more for emotional representation in these texts. Voted for white.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 3:00am
by Nuburan
Voted for white, for two reasons. First, I think the red causes the pixel limitations of the typeface to stand out. Does it have the same anti-aliasing? Second, I have minor colorblindness, and though the two colors are distinct here, there is some blending along the un-shadowed edges, which slows my reading.

Wait. As I was typing that, I realized that some of the blending is the anti-aliasing. My eye was registering it as blue. Vision is weird. Needless to say, my vote remains for white.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 4:44am
by MarauderEX
I'm leaning more towards white personally.

Or at least not that particular shade of red, the contrast between it and the blue can make it a little difficult to read, the letter "Y" for example has far more definition in white than red on the blue background but perhaps another shade or color choice would do better

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 5:49am
by RetroZanon
I am torn on this: on one hand, I really like the red as a way to differentiate Galm from the other characters - much like they did with the Greyish colour for Scenario 1. Conversely, I can see why it might not be a good choice considering, as previously stated, colourblind people might / will struggle with that colour over most backgrounds. This, especially considering the fact that "blue" is the standard, and I don't think many players tweak the colours.

In light of this, reverting to white might be the best course of action.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 7:53am
by Lord Oddeye sama
Not a fan of the red text for vandal speech. Colored text might be fitting for some characters who start talking off screen up until the point they appear, but that's a different idea. Definitely keep white for everything if it's a problem.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01 2018 3:09pm
by MXC
Of the options, I say keep it white. I'd be okay with his text getting some kind of grey, being italicized, or some other style, but as you're working within the bounds of the game and previously established concepts, stay white.

Re: Galm's Red Text Decision

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17 2018 12:29pm
by legalize freedom
Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

The red text has been removed for V20. The rainbow name remains for both Galm and Bulzome which should be easy to read and get the point across. Let's see how that looks moving forward.

If you are wondering about Gracia... At the time he is introduced in either Sc2 or Sc3, he is not yet an Innovator, so he doesn't get the rainbow name treatment.

V20 coming soon!