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SF3Patch Version 19 Released!

A place for those working on the Shining Force III Translation Patch.

SF3Patch Version 19 Released!

Postby legalize freedom » Mon Dec 11 2017 1:56pm

See the official site for announcement.

Please post any issues, comments or suggestions here.
legalize freedom

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Re: SF3Patch Version 19 Released!

Postby lantern48 » Sun Feb 11 2018 3:42pm

I'm on windows 10 x64.
Can't make a working 2nd Scenario disk with update 19.
I used the isomaker patch method.
Before this, the last time I updated SF3 was in 2015 on windows 8 and had no issues.

Yabause locks up after the "Sonic and Camelot present" screen.
SFF does the same and spits out a bunch of errors.

I've noticed while making the disk that access denied popped up a few times before it finished.
I've tried running as an admin and disabled my Windows Defender security - nothing has helped.
Would really like to play v19 and any help getting this working is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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