PostPosted: Fri Feb 24 2017 12:54am
by DomingoRules!
While playing Scenario 1 on V18, I noticed this alleged typo where Masqurin says "schickens" instead of what I assume is supposed to be "chickens."


I believe I also saw the word appear at an earlier point, but I don't quite recall where, and at the time I just absentmindedly glossed over it, thinking maybe it was just some sort of obscure word I was unfamiliar with. The context of this scene however makes it seem much more apparent as being a typo, and after not finding anything about it after typing in a few inquiries into the search box, I thought I might as well post it.

Forgive me if this has already been posted, but I failed to locate mention of it myself.

Re: Schicken?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24 2017 12:35pm
by legalize freedom
This is pretty obviously not a typo. I don't see how it could even be construed as one because she corrects herself directly after saying it. Masqurin is upset at the conditions and fumbles her words. Just meant to add character. BTW, this was in the original English release.

Re: Schicken?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24 2017 6:18pm
by DomingoRules!
All right. I considered that possibility as well, but the second mention of the word could've also been an accentuation of disgust with the arrangements. Like it's so unbelievably insulting, that she felt inclined to repeat it to emphasize that fact. That's how I read it anyway, so I just thought I should point it out, since I wasn't sure which possibility it was. Better safe than sorry.

As for being in the original release, it did feel strangely familiar, but it's been over a decade since last I played the game, which is possibly why I glossed over it the first time the word popped up earlier on in the game.

Re: Schicken?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20 2017 6:22pm
by knight0fdragon
Oh Masquirin, you prissy b###h, instead of worrying about smelly schickens, you should focus more on Cybel making her moves on your man