Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Sat May 28 2016 4:16pm
by legalize freedom
Rollie's first special attack is currently called Unicorn Charge, but it's not really a charge. She almost immediately turns around and kicks several times with the hind legs. I propose this special name be changed to match the action.

The first and easiest suggestion would be Unicorn Kick.
Unicorn Buck would add some personality, but might not be as safe of a choice.


Re: Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Sun May 29 2016 5:56pm
by alex_man
yes or unicorn hit and when he got a critial hit unicorn special :)

Re: Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Sun May 29 2016 7:07pm
by Swalchy
Got a few options in my head:

Unicorn Assault
Unicorn Blitz
Unicorn Onslaught
Unicorn Repel
Unicorn Combat
Unicorn Rapid Kick

Just a few options heh :)

Re: Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Sun May 29 2016 9:49pm
by legalize freedom
Looking at the Stampede special (runs up, throws enemy in the air and back kicks), it looks like it could be Unicorn Charge, although Stampede works as well. But it made me wonder if the two could have been switched.
Stampede would work for the multi back kick special although a little obtuse, so it would probably be better to just rename the kick special, but I thought I'd bring it up.

Re: Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Mon May 30 2016 9:10am
by Century
Got any vids? I can't remember them. Unicorn Buck would be appropriate if it runs, turns and kicks out.

Re: Rollie Special Name

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01 2016 1:22pm
by Special T
I think any of these options would be fine.

Unicorn Kick
Unicorn Buck
Unicorn Blitz
Unicorn Pummel

Or, if you didn't want to stick with the Unicorn part, you could go with Bronco e.g. Bronco Blitz -