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SF3Patch V16 Released!

A place for those working on the Shining Force III Translation Patch.

Re: SF3Patch V16 Released!

Postby thepeaguy » Fri Jun 05 2015 10:26pm

Mate, I haven't played my copies with the patches just yet, but I thank you for your dilligence. Seriously, thank you. I hope to play SFIII again at some point. It is one of the best tactical rpgs I've ever played in my life. It is a shame it's an underrated classic outside of the niche fanbase.

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Re: SF3Patch V16 Released!

Postby Synthesis » Sat Jun 06 2015 2:48pm

That problem with the Wyvern in the final battle still exists. However, switching to the Japanese version proves that error is non-existent. I take it you just have to not recruit that creature before in the Labyrinth trial chambers?

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