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Explain to me like a 5yo: Running this on a mac

I'm a bit confused and just need the straight dope

A place for those working on the Shining Force III Translation Patch.

Explain to me like a 5yo: Running this on a mac

Postby vids78 » Fri May 16 2014 2:43am

I read that the project is complete but keep hearing about progress. What's that about?

What do I need to run SFIII / Saturn emu on a Mac? I read that it's either taxing on the processor or glitchy. What should I expect with performance issues running SFIII?

I'm new to the forums. Shining Force is my wife and I's favorite game. I'm looking to get all the Camelot games running for my wife and I to play this summer.

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Re: Explain to me like a 5yo: Running this on a mac

Postby legalize freedom » Tue May 20 2014 1:14am

People tend to say it is finished because you can play through to the end completely in English. That certainly does not mean it meets the standard of being finished.

I don't believe there is a way to run SSF on a mac. The patch will not work on a mac for sure.

My advice is to procure a windows machine... and a decent one at that.
legalize freedom

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