saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16 2014 2:10pm
by ericm
Has anyone run into trouble using the Saturn's system memory for saving a game, after loading your scenario 1 data, in scenarios 2 or 3?? In the past I don't remember having trouble, though I've never owned a cart and it always scares me; I will be finishing scenario 1 soon, saving it at the end, and loading it up for scenario 2; at that point I'm assuming the main menu in sc. 2 allows one to delete the previous saved game to make space the for the new one?

Re: saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17 2014 3:19am
by Rune
Yes, people have done just that without issue.

However, you can't do that with the premium disk battles.

Re: saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17 2014 9:23am
by ericm
Ok, my worst fears have been realized; I have finished scenario 1, done the complete save, and in starting up the system with sc. 2 get an error "the system's memory is not ready..." When I check the memory manager, there is no option to even clear individual items; just "clear all"! What the hell happened here? Was my sc. 1 save file too large? Is there any way to start the game/get past this memory error message?

edit: when I do click "clear all" in the memory manager, the listing for items in the memory gives nothing. Blank. 0. Yet trying to load up different games (sc. 1, 2, STHA) all bring up the same message "memory not ready.." So again, I'm screwed right? Anyone know anything about this? Would a pro action replay reveal the actual memory item that's there?

final edit, after much frustration: I got pissed and "deleted" the memory (or as Dragon Force indicated to me upon putting it in to see what would happen, "formatted" the memory). Not sure what happened here but obviously some sort of memory corruption. Any one that knows anything about this: I'd appreciate learning from the experience.

Re: saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17 2014 1:16pm
by legalize freedom
Internal system memory, right? When was the last time you replaced the battery?

Re: saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17 2014 1:22pm
by ericm
Yes, internal. The battery was new; had saved throughout the game, no problem. At the end I did a final save, popped in sc. 2, and got the error message. Went into my memory manager thing and saw no actual data present, but still repeatedly found the "memory full" error. Anyway I gave in and "cleared" it. Now I either have to find a way to get another saved game from someone or suffer through this again.

I'll be ordering a pro action replay before I try this again, or trying to get one off someone who has a save game of it already finished.

Re: saving a game for scenario 2 or 3

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11 2014 10:59am
by Eskimudio
I concluded, during my play through of the all the sf3 translation v141 disks last year, that you what you really need for playing through the series, with the ever increasing size of save files, is a Sega Saturn BACKUP memory cartridge. I tried using the my action replay cartridge memory for a little bit of time, but it requires too much time, as I could only use my scenario 2, and onward, with the following process. First, after saving your game to the Saturn internal memory, you reset your Saturn and transfer save the game file to the Action Replay Cartridge before you power off the console. Then whenever you wish to resume your game, power up without the Action Replay and without a disk, go into the saturn memory manager and clear all data. Then turn it off, put in the action replay and your game disk, and when you power up your Saturn you transfer your saved game file from the backup memory on the Action Replay to your Saturn's internal memory before starting the game.

But with a Sega BACKUP memory cartridge, it all works very smoothly, without any data corruption or issues at all.