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Shining Force III Translation Project Screen Shot Contest!

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Shining Force III Translation Project Screen Shot Contest!

Postby SFC News » Mon Sep 26 2011 9:09am

SFCer Special T tells me he has launched a competition on the Shining Force III Translation Project Forum. Here's what he has to say:

Details:legalize freedom and I have been working on box art concepts for some time now and since we're in the process of finalizing the design, we need screen shots to use for the back cover which is where you our great community comes in.
Instructions:Load Scenario 1, 2, 3, or the Premium Disc into the SSF emulator and take a screen shot by selecting File then Screenshot(C).
There are no stipulations, meaning screen shots can be of anything and everything e.g. talking, cut scene, status menu, battle, etc.
Please compress all unedited bmp files (screenshots) in zip, rar, or 7zip format and email the archive to SFIII_Screenshot_Submission@yahoo.com and include your ShiningForceCentral username so I know who each submission is from.
Contest Details:Phase 1: Entry Period - October 1st through the 31thAfter the 31 day contest concludes we'll select 10 screen shots to enter the next phase of the contest.
Phase 2: Voting - November 6th through the 12thThose 10 images will be uploaded to the forum and voted on to determine which screen shot will be used on the back of the box.
Prizes:This is the perfect opportunity for all those individuals that are wanting to help out but don't know how, plus the winner will get a prize from the Translation Group for their assistance. I can't discuss what the prize will be yet but it will definately be worth your time and will be deliverable within this decade... likely within the next 5 years.
Don't forget about BoneIdol's amazing Savefile Editor, which will be very useful for getting a variety of screen shots.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get screen-grabbing!
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