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Reminiscing Neo and EXA

Discuss Sega's Shining 'Force' RPG for the S*ny Playstation 2.

Reminiscing Neo and EXA

Postby Bulzome » Fri Oct 25 2013 9:23am

I just played through Neo and EXA for the first time since they came out. I played these games a little differently than I first did.

In Neo, I found that the best way to get through the game was to switch between swords, magic and bows, depending on the enemy. I would also wait until I reach a boss or a new area to level up my force arts. This actually worked quite well for me until I'd hit the game's "sudden difficulty curves". Most notable was when...

The first few Legion Hives were easy, as long I powered up the necessary Force Arts beforehand. After a while, I found myself struggling to make my way through certain areas. I found myself going to Hail Prison for energy and the Desert Temple (I can't remember the name of it) for gold. Even then, I still had trouble with the Spark Demon and Balrog. However, everything seemed to even itself out once I started the final area. The story wasn't bad, despite the terrible voice acting.

EXA, on the other hand, was much easier in my opinion. I played the majority of the game as Toma, using one-handed weapons. I was able to make it through hordes of enemies with ease, especially after mastering the "Killer" and "Pursuit" Power Arts. I waited to power up my Power Arts, as I did in Neo and the game was a breeze. Cyrile was kind of weak at first, but after getting certain spells and mastering a few Power Arts, she would plow right through enemies. I only had a few issues. I had a hard time farming mythril. Xeyon Castle was easier than the training grounds (46-50). As far as the story goes, I only have two complaints.


Overall, these games weren't bad. I actually enjoyed them more now than when they first came out.

Also, I wasn't sure where to post this topic. If I posted it in the wrong place, I apologize.

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Re: Reminiscing Neo and EXA

Postby Faisal » Sun Apr 06 2014 10:20am

I liked both but EXA seemed a bit unplanned because the map was almost the same as that of NEO that was a major dissapointment :(
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