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Shining Force Neo's Soundtrack

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23 2012 7:35am
by Legend of Josh
We can all agree Shining Forced Neo isn't the greatest release from SEGA'a flagship RPG franchise. However, in my own personal opinion, I believe SF Neo is the most underrated game in the entire series, and the most underrated "experience" as well. I'm not even a fan of hack-n-slash adventure types; always loved and favored the turn-based genre over all this Western RPG junk, but SF Neo is a worthy exception.

I will admit the action game-play is a bit overkill, but there's a great weapons system and the leveling up process keeps things interesting in-between all the action. There were issues with the voice acting (I personally thought they were excellent), some SF fans hated the game b/c it seemed poles apart from anything resembling SF titles in the past. There's just way too much to get into both the good and bad with Shining Force Neo, so I'm not going to bore everyone with some review but I certainly wanted to highlight this:

Shining Force Neo's Soundtrack

This game's soundtrack is easily one of the most neglected, slept-on, unheard gems in the entire industry! I'm pretty sure it's the same composer from beginning to end, but everything sounds unique and individualistic in its own right, depending on what's going on during the game at that time.

Everything is ear-pleasing. If someone were to hear this entire soundtrack without knowing the source, just say they popped in a CD had headphones on an airplane ride. They'd have absolutely no idea it turned out to be the tunes of some no-name Playstation 2 video game. It's extremely professional. The sounds capture the emotions perfectly, just as those from Jurassic Park and Avatar did.

The only other RPG's (or game for that matter) soundtrack I'd rate higher is Blue Dragon. Yes, I know, everyone hates Blue Dragon. If it were possibly to toss virtual e-eggs at other's monitor I'd have 3-D dripping holograms of cracked shells and eggs. That game (Blue Dragon) is just something I feel in love with, and hey, don't hate, appreciate ... because it reminded me of my first RPG love as a little boy growing up. I can remember the first time I got butterflies in my stomach playing the one and only Shining Force 2. You know, when Granseal is about to go under. you'd heading for the ship but you happen to find a shivering little guy... man, talk about true love.

LOL, but really though. Shining Force Neo's soundtrack is so damn sexy.

Re: Shining Force Neo's Soundtrack

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25 2012 7:34pm
by chevkraken
Don't forget the composer of Shining Tears, Wind, Neo and Exa is Shiro Sagisu, the fabulous composer who worked on Nadia, Evangelion, Bleach, Orange Road and actually still work on Berserk, Magi and Eva