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I Cant Enter The Third Trial

Discuss Sega's Shining 'Force' RPG for the S*ny Playstation 2.

I Cant Enter The Third Trial

Postby thejason15 » Mon Apr 04 2011 11:26pm

Hi, im playing shining force neo, and i have passed the 2 firsts trial,
and the 21 legion hive, now i go to the dragon mountain,
and i pres "X" infront of the door, and it not oppen..
my party members are klein and freyja, and i cant change it
it say there are blocked to the party,
i talked with lord chaos, and the other old man un queen chine,
and i still cant open that doior to the 3rd trial,
somebody could help me?
i've been searching in this forum, but i dont found nothing,

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