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Shining Force Neo Save File

Details of Neo

Discuss Sega's Shining 'Force' RPG for the S*ny Playstation 2.

Shining Force Neo Save File

Postby llltrunkslll » Thu Aug 26 2010 5:06pm

Hey All,

I looked around and haven't found anything regarding the save file, so I thought I would contribute. For the PS2 save file (gsave.dat) I think I have located the following values and addresses:

Main Character:
Stat Offset
HP Cur/HP Max 9B04 /9B08 (long unsign)
MP Cur/MP Max 9B0C/9B10 (short unsign)
Gold 8D64 (long unsign)
Energy 8D60 (long unsign)

I hope this can help others. I haven't found much time to go through this thoroughly yet so I have no idea of where the checksum/etc. is stored. Anyone else willing to look into this as well?

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