Optional Dungeon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10 2007 1:21am
by Loneless
Hi. I beat the game and now I'm bored :sleep: , I wanted to try the optional dungeon, but I can't get the puzzle! I tried using a guide from the net from someone named Kouli(or something similar), but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? Would really appreciate it, I wanna slash through those 50 floors!

Re: Optional Dungeon

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28 2007 4:07am
by Chaos Wizard
I would have to go through it again to figure it out. But one quick note, you should definitely have some ranged attacks ready for that dungeon. It's dirty and you'll run into some one hit kills.

Re: Optional Dungeon

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15 2007 3:17am
by drewbster
Even though this thread's not brand new, I wanted to add that the puzzle has been different every time I've worked it, so there's probably no single solution.

You have to select each of the markers in a certain order, so just start picking markers and see when you get the blue lights. Like if you pick a certain marker first and the blue light flashes, then that marker should be chosen first in the sequence.

Sometimes I'll scribble each of the markers on a scrap of paper, then number them as I discover their spot in the sequence.

Ditto about being prepared for harder enemies. If you found Dark Castle to be easy, then the first couple dozen floors of the King's Crypt won't be too difficult. It'll change after that though and be tough again by the 50th floor, even though you'll also be leveling up pretty fast.

From what I've seen so far, you'll also need to complete all 50 floors before doing something else, because if you use Return from somewhere other than the Crypt, you'll have to start all over at the first floor.