Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 19 2019 8:58pm
by Antman 537
No egress (except to get Gong)
Standard game
Save immediately after the battle, and post the savestate in a Zip
It's nice if you leave at least a short battle report

Since there's so few playing, each person is welcome to pick two battles they'd like to do for starters, and we'll go from there.

:cookie: Battle 1: The Ancient Shrine - Antman
:cookie: Battle 2: The Return to Guardiana - Lobo
:damnit: Battle 3: The Road to Alterone - Ehow
:cookie: Battle 4: The Battle of Alterone - Sarah
:cookie: Battle 5: The Road to Manarina - Antman
:cookie: Battle 6: The Cavern of Darkness - Sarah
:cookie: Battle 7: Rumble in the Tent - Ehow
:damnit: Battle 8: Church of the Living Dead - Lobo
:cookie: Battle 9: The Rocky Quarry - Ehow
:cookie: Battle 10: The Road to Pao Bridge - Antman
:cookie: Battle 11: We'll Cross that Bridge When We Come to It... - Sarah
:damnit: Battle 12: General Elliot's Last Stand - Lobo
:cookie: Battle 13: The Wimpy Fortress of Balbazak - Antman
:cookie: Battle 14: Rumble in the Shipyard - Sarah
:cookie: Battle 15: Lost at Sea - Antman
:cookie: Battle 16: The Fellowship of the Ring Reef - Ehow
:cookie: Battle 17: Sailing Away to Prompt - Sarah
:cookie: Battle 18: Road to the City of Dragons - Lobo
:cookie: Battle 19: Am I Kane or am I Cain? - Sarah
:damnit: Battle 20: The Endurance Trek - Lobo
:damnit: :damnit: Battle 21: Misfortune of the Fortune Teller - Antman
:cookie: Battle 22: The Trail to the Tower - Ehow
:damnit: Battle 23: The One Tower - Antman
:damnit: Battle 24: The Chaos Theory - Lobo
:blush: Battle 25: Ramming the Gate - Sarah
:cookie: Battle 26: Castle of Horrors - Ehow
:( Battle 27: Ramladau's Technological Trap. - Antman
:cookie: Battle 28: Three Heads Are Better Than One - Ehow
:cookie: Battle 29: Caller of the Dragon - Lobo
:cookie: Battle 30: Return of the King - Sarah

I swear I didn't come up with these battle names; I just pulled them from a guide. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 19 2019 9:37pm
by ehow22
I'll take battles 7 and 16.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20 2019 1:38am
by Sarah MMNK99
4 and 14

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 22 2019 11:38am
by Lobo
Battles 2 and 8.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23 2019 3:35am
by Antman 537
Sweet; I'll take 13 and 21.

Now that everyone's had their first picks, go ahead and pick 3 more battles; then we'll assign the remaining out randomly. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23 2019 3:54am
by Sarah MMNK99
11, 19 and 30

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23 2019 11:36am
by Lobo
12, 24 and 29.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23 2019 8:55pm
by ehow22
9, 26, 28

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24 2019 5:41am
by Antman 537
Awesome. I took 5, 15, and 23.

Now, for random assignments!

Battle 1 goes to: Antman
Battle 3 goes to: Ehow
Battle 6 goes to: Sarah
Battle 10 goes to: Antman
Battle 17 goes to: Sarah
Battle 18 goes to: Lobo
Battle 20 goes to:Lobo
Battle 22 goes to: Ehow
Battle 25 goes to: Sarah
Battle 27 goes to: Antman

Ok, it was less random and more trying to make sure no one had any back-to-back battles. :shifty: Let me know if anyone has an issue with their assignments; and I'll start the game up tomorrow!
PS: I'm open to naming suggestions for our hero. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24 2019 5:31pm
by Lobo
How do you like Max? :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24 2019 10:40pm
by ehow22
Sounds like the name of a Goof. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 25 2019 11:30pm
by Antman 537
Man, a day late already; how embarrassing. :blush:

Talked to a bunch of people, was told to go defend the gate! I don't remember there being anything to pick up in town, so I didn't. :shifty: Bought everyone medical herbs, then headed straight to the battle!

Played pretty aggressively this battle, since the goblins didn't seem too enthused for the fight. The first wave of goblins went down easy; so I regrouped for the final charge! Used max's healing seed on Tao when I put her a little too far forward.Max lvled to 2 killing the first dark dwarf!
Things got dicey for a moment when the other dark dwarf got a second turn before Luke or Low could move; leaving Luke at 1hp. :shock: But Luke soldiered on and made lvl 2 for his trouble.
Ken and Max lead the charge on the rune knight, and Ken lvls to 2! Tao, now out of mp, in stead used her medical herb on Max. Luke finishes the knight off!

Battle 1 complete, no deaths. You're up Lobo!

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26 2019 2:50pm
by Lobo
Ken and Lowe fell behind at the start, while the rest of the force kicked goblins asses

The end of the battle was a bit confuse. The bridge was crossed multiple times in both directions

The force finally reached Guardiana. What would they find there?

I did abuse those goblins so that Hans, Tao and Gong got experienced.
Everyone is lvl3 by now, except from Gong and Lowe, who are lvl2.
No one died.

EDIT: I think Lowe is lvl1 yet, not 2. Used all his MP, the herb, and gave him a couple attacks but can't remember him leveling up.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26 2019 8:13pm
by ehow22
Well, got first death through a double attack from Rune Knight. Poor Mae. Everybody except for Lowe is level 3-4. Lowe has 52 exp as a level 2. That's about it. Used a few medical herbs with Lowe and used all his mp.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 1:37am
by Sarah MMNK99
ehow22, I can't get your state to load. What emulator and rom version are you using?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 6:03pm
by ehow22
I used gens+. I'll mess with it for a bit. It's been awhile. Sorry.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 6:22pm
by Antman 537
Ehow, you might try saving directly over Lobo's savestate, then renaming it. That ought to preserve the original file format.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 10:05pm
by ehow22
I had forgotten to set it not to compress the savestate. Updated post but here it is again. It loads in KEGA now.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 10:41pm
by Sarah MMNK99

Lots of good items inside of Alterone. In the first house inside town I picked up a Bronze Lance for Ken. Also found a Middle sword, but since Max already has one equipped, I handed it off to Luke. Inside of the castle there was another middle sword and a wooden arrow, and both do nothing for us, so I sold them off for gold. With the extra gold pickups, and sold items, our gold jumped from around 1000 to 1600. Not to shabby. There was also a Defense potion, Bread of Life and Power potion here. Plus a ton of herbs. So many, that I didn't even bother picking them all up, as inventory is getting kind of full. I took the Healing seeds and left the herbs behind.

We talk to the king, and he is in disbelief that Guardiana was attacked, but he says that he has a tactician that may be able to help us out. But of course it's a trap. The tactician is Kane. Alterone has already surrendered, so we get thrown in prison.


Shortly after, Khris shows up and wants revenge on runefaust, so she joins the party, and opens up a secret passage inside of the prison. It seems kind of risky to have something like this inside of prison, but shining force 2 has one also. Shouldn't prisoners in this world know to look for the secret passage in their prison cell?


So we are thrown into battle when we exit headquarters. It looks like we will have our showdown with Kane, but Dark Sol calls him away to other business.

Battle 4:

I Split the party into 2 groups. One go up the north side of the map, and other to right. I figure with 3 healers now it shouldn't be a problem. Initially there was a bunch of enemies, and they were all moving towards us, but after the initial onslaught, it actually got easier. There were 2 enemies on both sides that just seem to be guarding the bridge. They don't move off of that space to attack. Even when you move a character up to attack one of them the other won't move forward a single space to attack. In retrospect I could've tried using range and not taking any damage from them. After taking them out, there was a small cluster of 2 archers and a Dark Mage left, and none of them seemed to move either. My plan was to send Ken forward to tank the spell from the mage, but it never got the chance. As we inched forward, I was able to move Max in to position to attack the mage, and he got a double attack killing him off. The 2 archers didn't take much after that.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30 2019 8:29pm
by ehow22
Our fearless leader still here? lol

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30 2019 9:37pm
by Antman 537
Lol, yes! I'm planning to do this tonight after I get of work, sorry. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30 2019 10:03pm
by ehow22
:lol: about to head to work myself.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 1:51am
by Antman 537
Ok, onward! Nova told me to talk to the king again, so I did; and he told me about a secret passage! It turns out this passage led to the end of the chapter! Chapter 2 finds us in Rindo. Bought Power staffs for all the casters, and sold all our wooden staffs. I don't recall if they actually make a difference, though. :shifty: Watched myself get killed in a play, and set up some dramatic foreshadowing for the circus battle. :thumbsup: Found a speed ring! Not sure who to give it to, thoughts?

After that, it's on to Manaria and battle!
With the dark dwarves holding the far side of the bridge, and refusing to budge, I decided to jsut stick Ken on the bridge and whail on them with spears. Ken lvls to 5! That finally got the dwarves moving, but unfortunately also got the bats moving. :damnit: Tao lvls to 5 frying dark dwarves! Gort lvls to 5 killing a bat!

Finally, the dwarves are cleared, and Max leads the charge across the bridge to reinforce Ken. Max lvls to 5! Annoyingly, Ken falls asleep on the bridge; causing a backup when none of the healers can get past him. :( Mae makes it though, and lvls to 5 on another bat! The last bat proves incredibly difficult to hit; dodging 4 consecutive attacks and knocking Luke out. Hans and gong finally finish it off, and Hans lvls to 5!

Next up was the assault on the snipers and first mage! Which was a delicate game of inching close enough for an all-out charge before they could move into range. The mage and one sniper helped with this by moving out of position. Max double-shots the mage and kills it before it can regret it's decision! Luke lvls to 5 killing the last sniper!

This done, I prepared a phalanx to take on the mages and zombies. This took some time, as Tao really seemed to struggle across the desert. Unable to take it any longer, Ken charges the gap when one of the mages moves out of position, but loses half his health to a zombie bite and gets poisoned! Max attacks the other mage, and double-shots him again. Guess Max just hates mages. :thumbsup: He then lvls to 6 fending off a zombie!

Meanwhile, Tao at last gets in range and unleashes a carefully conserved fireball, making the zombies a lot less intimidating! Lowe finally lvls to 3 healing Tao of an errant fireball the 2nd mage cooked off before dying. Tried saving the last couple zombies for healers to finish off, but the healers were just too slow. Gort lvles to 6 killing the last one!

TLDR: no deaths, but Ken needs to be un-poisoned.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 3:29am
by Sarah MMNK99

This town is supposed to be a school for mages, but there seems to be a lot of inventors, and advanced technology here. In the basement I found a guy that made some kind of Device to summon demons. He uses it to summon the most foul demon he can conjure up, which ends up being his wife. lol ...and yeah, interesting design. Why does it have such big boobs?


A little further in there is what looks like a monster, holding a Domingo Egg. Heck yeah we want this!


On the next floor there is a guy that has invented a machine that can turn a human into a hen. He says if we can turn humans into hens, then we will never run out of food. It's creepy, but also illogical. If you are ok with eating people, then you would probably get more meat by not shrinking them and eating them as they are, but that's just me nitpicking.

So we approach Princess Anri to tell her of what happened to her father, but she seems to be in denial and doesn't want to listen to it. Nova shows up and confirms what we say. It seems to sink in, and she runs off. When we catch up with her, she resolves to find Kane, and get her revenge, so she joins the Shining Force. Arthur is also here, but he seems to be too busy doing his laundry to help out.

When we head downstairs, Otrant tells us that we need to enter the cave of Darkness to retrieve the Orb of Light.

I ended up equipping the speed ring on Khris because she has the lowest agility in the party. But she is also the lowest level, so we need to keep on an eye on that as she levels up.

Battle: 6

The battle starts off with 2 zombies right next the party, causing a little choke point. Because you can only move 1 melee character in between them, and the rest have to attack from range. What's worse is that there are a bunch of enemies advancing towards the start point, so 1 of them has to go down fairly quickly before we get over whelmed. I moved Max into that spot, and he ended up getting hit with a double attack, which made things kind of close.

The next wave of enemies were advancing towards the second choke point, a bridge. The zombie was on the bridge, with a mage and 2 archers, lined up behind him. I took a risk advacing Tao towards them and hitting all 4 of them with Blaze 2. She did get hit from the Mage's blaze, but I was able to move her out of there and heal her before she could get killed off. She did well this battle, and actually hit multiple enemies with all 3 of her Blaze 2's.

After this phase, the rest of the battle was kind of easy. The bats are no real problem at this point in the game. I honestly should've let the healers kill all of them, but I was worried about the last group which turned out to be nothing.

I sent a few characters to pick up the chests, and one of them had the power ring! It's currently equipped on Hans.

In the upper right hand corner of map there are 3 mages, and a Skeleton that has really high stats for this point in the game. This part looks really dangerous, but none of them move. The mages will cast a spell if you get within a square of their range, but that's inch. You can easily inch up and then attack them head on. Same goes for the skeleton. I positioned Ken and May to the front right and left with throwing spears, and Hans 1 space away and in front, and he couldn't do anything.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 5:42am
by Antman 537
I remember having a hard time with that rush; good work.

Btw, awesome write-ups, guys. :thumbsup: The pics are a super nice touch. I might have to put more work into mine, lol.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 9:30pm
by ehow22
I shall have this done and up in the morning after I get off work. Gotta love them long shifts.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03 2019 12:11am
by Antman 537
Not sure if this is still a thing, so filler. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04 2019 8:15pm
by ehow22
So we had an issue at work which delayed me a bit, sorry about that. No deaths, caught up some levels. Not good at recaps so I made a video.


Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04 2019 10:11pm
by Lobo
Just finished Battle 8.

Max got busted, but managed to kill the skeleton and Luke blocked the way to the leader, which actually costed the dwarf's full HP.
Tao saved the day, burning every undead at sight. Anri blazed some too, though she had to get them one by one. Mae and her high def endured lots of blows, while the healers tried to keep every one at stakes.
Before the battle was over, Khris went down too, just before the Anri finished the ghoul and secured the win.

Max and Tao: lvl 8
Mae, Ken, Gort and Anri: lvl 7
Hans: lvl 6
Luke and Lowe: lvl 5
Khris and Gong: lvl 4

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07 2019 7:15pm
by ehow22
Battle is done, meant to do it this morning after work but ended up staying an extra 4 hours :/

Anyways, mainly used the battle to play catch up. Replaced Hans with Diane because she had slightly better stats at the same level. No deaths. Diane has Power Ring but it is not equipped since I wanted to minimize damage on the Mage. Luke was SUPPOSED to hit level 7, but he missed the final attack.

Level 9: Anri
Level 8: Max, Mae, Ken, Gort, Tao, Diane
Level 6: Luke and Balbaroy
Level 4-5: All the healers.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 3:14am
by Antman 537
whew, busy weekend. I'm planning to do this tomorrow morning.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 3:48am
by ehow22
Filling it up, then.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 4:09pm
by Antman 537
I actually started this last night, but then accidentaly discovered a shortcut to reset the rom in Gens. :(
Got the moonstone, made some Lunar Dew, and cured Zylo. He joins the force as thanks! Which reminds me that I should have come up with some way for us to decide what force we'd use. :shifty: For now, it seems like we've got more healers than needful; so I swapped Gong out for Zylo. To battle!

Max fearlessly leads the charge, but doesn't do too much dmg against the skeletons. Hope I didn't miss a weapon upgrade. :shifty: One of the dark elves try to sneak through the forest and take us by surprise, but Ken lvls to 9 intercepting him! Mae lvls to 9 finishing him off! Strangely, the skeletons just sit there and get wailed on, so I took the chance to give some exp around.

Meanwhile, the other dark elf has been hiding in the woods. I don't know what his game is, but it's time to take the fight to him! This proves harder than expected, as the force struggles through the heavy wood. Zilo comes in handy here, being one of our few characters to get through the forest with ease. Luke and Gort finally make it, Luke lands the killing blow and lvls to 7!

Next up the first Dark Priest and Lizardman! Balbaroy and Diane attack the priest from behind to distract him, while the rest of the force tackles the frontline! Max lvls to 9! The skeletons... just sit there. More experience for our force, I guess. :thumbsup: Balbaroy lvls to 7! Tao lvls to 9 killing the last skeleton!

Next, I reformed our lines to prepare for our charge against their flying cavalry. It's a slow process; with all the heavy forest, it's difficult to keep the force together. Zilo, Diane and Balbaroy slip through the woods to attack the pegasus knights on the left, while the two on the right engage our front line! In a brilliant display of cowardice, the knights to the left flee the field, but our flanking force chases them down. They just don't train Runefaust soldiers like they used to. Luke lvls to 8 finishing the last knight on the right! Zylo lvls to 10! Balbaroy nearly dies, but Diane re-equips the power ring and finishes the last knight off. :thumbsup:

A brief healing intermission! Khris lvls to 5 finally. She learns heal lvl 2! Lowe lvls to 6! Zilo and Diane form an advance force and kill the Lizardman while the rest of the party slog up. Diane lvls to 9! I was going to try and squeeze the priest for more exp, but Diane was rearing to go and one-shot him. :shifty:

TLDR: battle done, no deaths, Zylo joins the force!

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 10:36pm
by ehow22
Btw, level 10 promos?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 11:17pm
by Lobo
No rules for that.
Should we vote for that?
Or each player decide on his turn whether to promote or not?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 11:46pm
by ehow22
I mean I'm good either way. Apparently I forgot to grab Arthur....whoops.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 1:21am
by Antman 537
lvl 10 promos are good for me. who's got time to wait?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 2:54am
by Sarah MMNK99

I tried to see if I could backtrack and pick up Arthur, but it seems are in a completely different chapter, so I guess he's stuck doing laundry for a bunch of Wizards. Oh well, no great loss in this type of playthrough.

It seems there is are no items to collect or characters for me to recruit, so I just advanced on the bridge. The forces there seem to be having a dispute with one of their mercenaries. He refuses to fight for Kane no matter how much they pay him. The accept his returns, and then politely nudge him off of the side of a cliff.

Battle 11

The first move here was to move Balbaroy North, and slightly to the east to trigger all of the flying enemies. Once they started to make their way towards us, I pulled him back, because is really weak right now, and can't take them out one one. Once they got close enough, I was able to gang up on the 3 of them and kill them. After that, I was still near the starting area, so I started to pull everyone back to avoid the first round of the laser eye. I was able to pull everyone back except for Anri, because there was just no where left to go. But she survived with 1 hp left. It also hit bunch of enemies too. I could conceivable just wait it out and let them die on their own, but we need the exp, so I rushed forward.

The rest of the battle was long and drawn out, but it wasn't that difficult, because a lot of the enemies don't move at all, or they move to set spot even when they are within range to attack.

I advance 6 units forward to cleanup the remaining enemies on the bridge, plus Balbaroy, because that it the max number can avoid damage. I made sure to bring ranged fighters, so that they could attack the archers to the bottom, but this didn't end up being a big deal, because I advanced Zylo just a little to far, so the archers advanced right instead of picking off my party. Not to mention Ken missed his first 4 attacks of this battle. I can't wait to bench his ass. The mistake I made during this phase was that I accidentally left Lowe and Khris back the beginning, so I had no healing. By the time I advanced past Laser Eye, I needed it desperately. I made sure to drain all of Lowe and Khris's Mp, and use the remaining herbs in inventory.

Since Laser eye is a sitting duck, and can't attack on 3 sides, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get a kill for one of the healers. Since Khris was the lowest level, I gave it to her, but Lowe also got a level this battle from all of the healing.

Finally we had a Knight and Priest camping on the bottom of the screen across a bridge. I had balbaroy fly over and attack the priest. Since the priest had 25 mp, and he always healed, I had Balbaroy attack him until it was all gone. He was gaining around 10 exp per hit, and it ended up being enough to give him a second level in this battle.

Max 10
Balbaroy 9
Tao 9
Lowe 7
Khris 6
Gort 9
Zylo 11
Luke 8
Mae 10
Diane 10
Anri 10
Ken 10

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 9:41pm
by Antman 537
If I read that right, sounds like no deaths. Good work; another cookie!

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12 2019 12:39pm
by Lobo

The Shining Force discovered Pao is a town of wagons and got reinforced by powerful Pelle, not-so-powerful Jogurt and Vankar, the drinking knight. Unfortunately, Kokichi was flying somewhere else and never made it to Pao Prairie to meet them.

After a quick stop in town to resuply and chat with some general from the enemy forces, the Shining Force went to battle with Pelle ahead, in Luke's place.

The battlefield was huge and the enemies were many, but the heroes moved onward downing every threat that crossed their path. Gort got a Heat Axe, which he hasn't figured out yet how to use.

Last part of the battle, the Shining Healers got in private fights with the Dark Priests. It took long and bought them a couple levels.

While the healers smacked themselves, the rest of the force took on the last enemies. The cannon and the healer went down fast and easily. The leader didn't. He even found a spot to put Diane out of action. But that was the most he could do.

End of battle and the Shining Force moves on to....Pao again?

Shining Force Levels:
12: Zylo
11: Max, Tao, Anri, Ken and Gort
10: Mae, Diane and Balbaroy
9: Lowe and Pelle
8: Khris

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12 2019 6:40pm
by Sarah MMNK99
Since Half of the team is already past level 10, should be we do level 12 promotions instead? Maybe just do Lowe and Khris at level 10.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 13 2019 3:43am
by Antman 537
I'm down for that, but I'm also down for promoting everyone that can be now. So I guess it's a matter of if we want to let me do that or not. I don't remember how much of a power drop promotion carries in sf1. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 13 2019 4:48am
by Lobo
It's a 15% drop.
I think either way goes.
Or even, waiting the end of the chapter and promoting everyone regardless of level.

If we are not grinding, it's probably better not to use Lyle, Bleu, Alef and Torasu. Certainly not Adam.
So, by the end of the chapter, we shall have our 12 fighters good to go and all of them should make the final cut, except, maybe, for a couple of them, who could yet be swaped for Musashi and Hanzou.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15 2019 7:36pm
by ehow22
Cool I'm not the only one who missed a character. lol

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16 2019 3:59pm
by Antman 537
Ok, finally got around to this. :shifty: Found a steel sword and elven arrow. Oddly, no one could equip the steel sword. Promotion weapon, perhaps? Guntz Joined the force! If anyone has a least favorite centaur, we can swap them out for everyone's favorite armadillo. Promoted Zylo, and Anri/Tao for kicks. Might as well get those spells sooner! :shifty:

To the battle! Wimpy fortress indeed. Pelle one-shots a silver knight and lvls to 10! Mae finishes off the other and lvls to 11! there's a bit of a choke point at the ladder, prompting the question how centaurs get up it at all. :eyebrow: Curiously, Mae was the first one to actually reach the top.

This is the most dangerous part; the enemies attack while the force is still trying to regroup from the climb. Everyone makes it out alive though. The centaurs mop up the enemy knights while the back line catches up. Ken lvls to 12! Balbaroy lvls to 11!

Finally, a chance to catch a breath and heal! The force now properly assembled, it' time for the assault on the heights! Balbaroy flanks the dark priest while Mae charges up the ladder once more! Gort engages the knight holding the chokepoint on the ground, just in case he decided to flank us. For some reason the injured dark priest attacks balbaroy rather than heal himself, so Mae finishes him off. Pele one-shots the hell hound and lvls to 11!

Meanwhile; Gort, Diane, and Anri have finished off the lower dark priest. Gort advances on the artillery and lvls to 12! Diane finishes it off to lvl to 11! But we should just leave her unpromoted; the promoted archer sprite is weird. :shifty:

Battle done; no deaths. Ken and Gort are ready for promotions. I think Domingo joins somewhere around here, right?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16 2019 4:52pm
by Lobo
Domingo should have joined in second Pao. It takes just a ride back there.

I think we should put him and/or Guntz in the force for a knight.
And maybe promote people with new weapons to use, like Max and Gort.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16 2019 8:43pm
by ehow22
Should be able to backtrack before next battle for Domingo. Although he's pretty much an "I win" character against physical attackers lol.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16 2019 10:42pm
by Sarah MMNK99
First thing I did was head back to get Domingo. He's one one of my favorite characters, and he's pretty strong at this point in the game.


I promoted Gort at level 12. Ken is eligible too, but I wanted to a Knight comparison before I did that.


There are a bunch of enemy forces still wondering around, but they've all surrendered, and no long have the will to fight. They mostly point us towards Balbazak, who is waiting at the harbor, and some of them seem to be routing for us to take him down.

The guy at the gate says that we have to rescue Earnest first. He seems to just be resting below ground, and offers to join us when we find him.


Mae Lvl 11
HP 17 AT 28 DF 20 AG 16

Pelle Lvl 11
HP 20 AT 35 DF 23 AG 15

Ken Lvl 12
HP 31 AT 31 DF 11 AG 12

Earnest Lvl 8
HP 20 AT 22 DF 11 AG 12

Out of the first 3 Ken is the most replaceable due to his horrible Defense. Guntz already has a defense of 16 at level. The Biggest thing we are giving up is movement. Guntz only have a 4 for movement. So I replaced Ken with Guntz. If memory serves me right Earnest does end up being one of the better members of the force right? I thinking of replacing Mae with Earnest, but I opted not to. He's pretty far behind, and doesn't seem like he will catch up in the next 3 levels. So I'll leave that decision up to the next person. If he has an awesome growth rate, put him in there.

I usually only go with 2 mages, so I removed Tao to add Domingo. I believe she's the least versatile of the 3.

Battle 14

This battle starts off in tough place, because it's such a small space. There are bunch of enemies in front, and there are 5 flyers to the east looking to close in on us. To start I moved Pelle and Mae to the front so that they can attack the 2 Knights in the front, set the edge, and force the enemies to come towards us. I started moving some of the other melee characters towards the right to get in the way of the flyers coming it.

The group on top set themselves up perfectly for a Blaze 2 from Anri, she was able to kill 2 of them with 1 spell.


The flyers took a little more time. Zylo seems really weak right now, so even though he was able to meet them out on the pier, he couldn't do much damage. So I weakened them, and saved kills for Guntz and Lowe.

After all of the other enemies were cleaned up, I headed towards Balbazak and his group. They are easy pickens though, because they don't move. I was tempted to have Anri take them out with a Blaze 2, but I held back to I could control who go exp. Balbazak is still dangerous though. He got 2 attacks off. The first dropped Zylo down to 1 hp, the second dropped Max to 3 HP. Once I noticed that he has health regen moved everyone in to attack, but I saved the final blow for Guntz, since he's the lowest level.

Max 12
Balbaroy 11
Domingo 3
Lowe 10
Khris 9
Gort 1
Zylo 1
Guntz 9
Mae 12
Diane 12
Anri 2
Pelle 12

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 18 2019 4:39am
by Antman 537
Alas, poor Tao. She was my favorite, lol. :(

This time we're right into the battle! I didn't bother egressing because I'm still avoiding promoting Diane! :shifty: Haha, I hate that sprite.

As Noma points out, we start off surrounded; so my first order of business was to protect our weaker party members from harm. This is effective, if a little slow. Guntz lvls to 10 finishing off a seabat! Zylo lvls to 2 taking down a pegasus knight! Balbaroy lvls to 12!

Once the first wave of flying enemies are dealt with, we move down to the main deck to clear it of shellfish. Diane lvls to 13! :blush: Gort lvls to 2! At this point gens got stuck hitting the select button constantly, so I skipped a bunch of turns. Got it fixed though! By that time the first pegasus knight had showed up, and zylo lvled to 3 killing him! Balbaroy lvls to 13, too! I saved the last knight for Guntz to finish off, but the big goof missed! Fortunately, the knight was tunnel-visioned on Max, so I had plenty of time to try again. :thumbsup:

Battle done, no deaths.
Mae, Max, Balbaroy, Pelle, and Lowe are ready for promotion. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19 2019 12:28am
by Lobo
Antman 537 wrote:Alas, poor Tao. She was my favorite, lol. :(

Mine too. :(

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19 2019 10:01pm
by ehow22
I'll pick this up tomorrow or monday. Might be working 16 hours tonight. Sorry for the delay.

So battle went smoothly, no deaths. I didn't promote Lowe because well, same reason Diane hasn't been promoted :shifty: Everybody should be updated on equipment though


Max, Mae, Pelle, Gort, Balbaroy: 2
Anri, Domingo, Zylo: 3
Khris: 9
Lowe : 10
Guntz: 11
Diane: 15(she's only one who wanted to consistently hit bats.)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21 2019 4:18pm
by Sarah MMNK99
Pre Battle

The voice of the spirit says that the Shining Path that leads to the land of the ancients is beyond the door. It attempts to the open the path for us, but the mage uses the last of their strength to drop a few boulders, which we should be able to easily move, or maneuver around, but nope, the path is now inaccessible.


He tells us that there are 2 items needed to unseal the Dark Dragon, and Dark Sol needs them both. The Key to the door, which is on the Shining path, and we must head to prompt to find another entrance to the Shining Path, and the Manual in Dragonia.

It then Collapses, and recedes into the water.

I love that the King is shop keeper in this town, it's such a cool touch. But he's too trusting and need to lock up his shops better. I robbed both shops Blind for a Shower of Cure, Mobility Ring, that I gave to Guntz, Bread Of Life Defense potion, and I even took the Medical Herb, that I probably won't use.


I promoted Lowe, but I left Diane unpromoted, because I'm not sure what the plan is. Surely we don't intend to keep her unpromoted for the entire game right? If she reaches level 20, she will just be stealing exp at that point.

So the ship is repaired, and it time to set sail. The king asks for 1 million gold for the repairs. Choosing either option barely changes the dialogue. He's just joking with us, and sends us on our way.

Battle 17

This battle was a bit on the easy side. We've been dealing with these seabats for several battles now, and they really don't pose much of a threat any more. Besides all of the misses. The conches poisoned Mae and Diane, and they had to deal with for a few rounds because I save a few 1 hp enemies for Lowe and Khris.

There were a few big level up. Zylo gained 5 and 6 to stats in a single level up. Maybe that's why he felt so underpowered during my last battle. I think Pelle gained a +8 to something as well. I really need to stop holding the button through and animations and watch a little more closely.

Guntz, Khris, and Diane are ready for promotion.

Max 3
Balbaroy 3
Domingo 4
Lowe 1
Khris 10
Gort 4
Zylo 4
Guntz 13
Mae 3
Diane 15
Anri 3
Pelle 4

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21 2019 6:51pm
by Antman 537
My plan was just to see how long I could get away with not bothering to promote Diane. So far it's working pretty well ;)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21 2019 7:25pm
by ehow22
IF we keep her, with her being a ranged unit + Power Ring, there's really no difference when it comes to promoting.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24 2019 7:03pm
by Lobo
The Shining Force reached Rudo, a town ruled by children, who asked their help in Dragonia, where a baby dragon was being attacked by Runefaust.

Max went to pray in the church and the laters got promoted. He went to a shop and got brand new lances to centaurs and armadillo. He climbed up a building to find a cannon centaur, who joined the band. He then went all the way down to HQ, to chat with Nova, where both decided to bench Lowe and bring Tao back to the red carpet. Now, they were ready for battle!

As the force advanced towards the enemies, it became clear the terrain would play a major part in the skirmish. Forests and hills were spread everywhere between Rudo and Dragonia. Zylo and Diane didn't mind the woods. Guntz didn't mind either terrain, so he passed his ring away to Tao. The mage enjoyed the movement boost and set fire to an artillery. The machine served as bait, as worms and mages were hidden in those woods. They got smacked pretty fast, after a combined effort from Zylo, Domingo, Max, Tao, Diane and Guntz.

The force moved onward, where just another ambush took place. Golems popped up from the ground and most weapons would make no harm to them. The mages took control of the situation and the golems were freezed or burnt right to the ground again.

The last line of defense was just outside of Dragonia. Domingo led the charge against the leader, while Balbaroy flew around to meet the Master Mage. As knights and mages attacked from distance, Max closed in to finish an artillery. That was just what the enemy mage was waiting for, and he almost took Max down with his powerful spell. Fortunately, the force counter attacked fast and hard, to finish off the wizard and the second artillery.
Only the Durahan and his priest were left, and they didn't intended to leave their spot. So a magic battle started, between Tao, Anri, Domingo and the High Priest until he was out of MP. Then, Diane got the priest on his knees and Khris steped ahead to send him to heaven. (hell?)

The Durahan was still still. So Tao and Domingo got most of his energy away and Mae secured the victory. Battle over!

Lv5: Max, Pelle, Gort, Domingo and Zylo
Lv4: Mae, Tao, Anri and Balbaroy
Lv2: Guntz, Khris and Diane

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24 2019 9:43pm
by ehow22
Was hoping to promote Diane at 20 :lol:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26 2019 3:10am
by Sarah MMNK99
When I entered town I ran into what I think was a small graphical glitch. The stairs inside the building are somehow visible through the roof. It later fixes itself.


Inside of the building itself there is a Halberd in a chest. I gave it to Mae, since her attack seems to be lowest out of the Spear users. Over in another building there is a chest with a Broad Sword. I equipped it on Max, and it raised his attack by 4 points from 31 to 35.

Inside the warehouse we find Bleu, a baby Dragon that is hiding. He seems to have no confidence, and even runs from us when we try and talk to him. His friend Karin calls him hopeless and then storms off. However there is a solider waiting for her and she screams out for help. Without thinking, Bleu rushes off to save her. The soldier demands that Bleu opens the shrine for him, if he really wants to save Karin, but instead Bleu attacks and kills the knight. With his new found confidence, Bleu joins the Shining Force.

Kane is waiting outside for us, but rather than just attack Max, he lets him go back to headquarters first to get ready. What a gentleman...

At headquarter I removed Tao, and put Lowe back in. I'd much rather have the extra healing for this fight.

Battle 19

The battle started off with 3 flying enemies directly north of our position. It seems dangerous, but they will only come so far, and then they won't even attack even if someone is in range so it was easy to pick them off.

The second group didn't move at all. They had 4 golems in the front row, with 2 master mages and a priest in the back making up a cluster of 7 enemies. I moved Pelle, Mae, Domingo and Balbaroy on top of the hill to attack them from range, but I should've brought Domingo straight on, because he easily could've hit 4 enemies with Blaze or Freeze 2 instead of 3.


Because they barely moved, I was able to get the party around the Golems to take out the 2 Master Mages before they could attack. But I nearly lost Max, and the battle in the process. The Golems surrounded Max and they all attacked him, bringing him down to 6 hp. on his next turn he couldn't move because he was up against the mountain on the 4th side, but luckily he had a healing seed on him that he's been carrying nearly the entire game, so he healed up, and I could breathe a little easier.

Anri took out one of the Golems and gained a 7 to speed.

The final group again did not move. I set up Pelle and Mae to attack the Dullahan and Master Mage from below to soften them up, before I started moving everyone in for the kills.


Kane is super strong. No one was able to do more than 10 damage to him, and since he has desoul I made sure to keep Max away from him. Judging from his attack power he probably could've taken anyone out with a single hit, but I got really lucky. For the first turn the priest was blocking his way, so he just moved 1 space foward, and did nothing. I killed off the mage and surrounded him so he couldn't move. For his next 2 turns he attempted to use desoul both times on Balbaroy and failed both times. It took 2 and half turns to get his hp down, but Janet was finally able to finish him off.

Max 6
Balbaroy 6
Domingo 6
Lowe 2
Khris 2
Gort 5
Zylo 6
Guntz 4
Mae 5
Diane 3
Anri 5
Pelle 5

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26 2019 5:19am
by Antman 537
Nice work! I'm enjoying how our force fluctuates on the whims of whoever's turn it is, lol. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26 2019 2:15pm
by Lobo
Great result beating Kane without a loss! :thumbsup:
But who's Janet? :)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26 2019 4:40pm
by Sarah MMNK99
Lobo wrote:Great result beating Kane without a loss! :thumbsup:
But who's Janet? :)

Oops. I meant Diane. I always get those 2 confused. I guess they are basically the same archetype.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28 2019 12:01pm
by Lobo
Tao went back in for Lowe. Balbaroy was killed by a Belial and the rest of the battle went smooth.

(I'll better the text as soon as I can.)

lvl7: Domingo, Zylo, Tao, Anri
lvl6: Max (98xp), Mae, Pelle, Gort, Balbaroy(defeated)
lvl5: Guntz, Khris
lvl4: Diane

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29 2019 4:49pm
by ehow22
Yay it's finally about to be my turn again lol

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30 2019 1:20am
by Antman 537
I figured before I went to beat up Mishaela, I should probably resurrect Balbaroy. :shifty: And he was a pain to find! But that finally done, it was time to storm Mishaela's castle!

Fun fact: Mishaela was always my favorite villain from sf1. I don't know why that made me decide to be the one to beat her up. :shifty:

Things were going pretty swell up to the point that she double-attacked bowie and killed him. :eyebrow: I thought she was supposed to be a powerful wizardess, Nova! You didn't tell me she also had a left hook like a world heavyweight champion! :damnit: I'll try this again in a bit.

EDIT: So, I tried this again, this time surrounding and pounding Mishaela; but man, she just keeps healing. After she wiped out a half of the force and healed back to 44hp from 28, I reloaded again. Clearly we need a different strategy. I swapped Diane out for Lowe, and bought healing seeds for everyone; with extra for the spellcasters, so they would have something to do after they ran out of mp.

Back to the battle! Mishaela runs to the back once more and leaves her minions to soften us up. The tricky part this time will be pushing through the enemy formation without using my spellcasters; I anticipate needing every ounce of magic for the magical duel at the end. Gort gets muddled (the first time muddle has actually stuck :damnit: ) so I used Max's antidote to try and remove it. But it didn't work. :( Still, the gargoyls do no damage so they went down without a hitch.

To the bowriders! Zylo gets shot by two of them, leaving him at only 7hp. Luckily the last one can't reach him, so he gets away. Meanwhile Mae and Pelle oneshot each of the bowriders (and everyone else misses :eyebrow: ) Mae lvls to 7!

Bowriders down, it's time to assemble our lancers for a daring cavalry charge on the mages. Used one of Zylo's healing seeds on Pelle, who also took a bowrider shot. Balbaroy flanks arround and assassinates the priest, lvling to 7, and the charge is off! Pelle and Max lvl to 7 oneshotting a mage each. Balbaroy gets hit with a freeze, then with a stick, and knocked out, so Mae is forced to rush over and use her healing seed on him. To make matters worse, his position attracted the attention of the belials; one comes down and bolts Khris and Guntz! A spectacular series of misses allows the last mage to live long enough to get off another freeze on Mae, Gort, and Max. :damnit: But finally, all the enemies are cleared save one Belial, who elected to hang out with Mishaela. Used one of Anri's and one of Domingo's healing seeds on Max and Gort.

Lowe and Khris ran around topping everyone off as the force moved forward for the next stage of the battle. Gort managed to miss finishing off an enemy again, so Balbaroy killed the last Belial. Then it was time to attack the Dulahans! I learned from the last battle that Mishaela can't be bothered to save her allies unless there's someone standing directly in bolt range, so I sent the cavalry to hit them from a distance again! Pelle lvls to 8! But then the 2nd Dulahan cuts off the ladder, trapping the brave centaur alone with his foe! Balbaroy flies in to assist him, and lvls to 8 as well! Max gets crit and has to pull back, so Gort steps in, finally hits something, and lvls to 7! Guntz finishes it off and lvls to 6!

And so, Mishaela remained alone, with all my spellcasters at full mp. It was time for a magical duel! :excited:
While Max got healed back up, the force started moving into position. Domingo leads the charge, coming in from the right and behind! Pelle, Mae, and Guntz take up positions to the left, right, and center to hurl spears; while Tao fires off a blaze 3 from the left side and Gort strides directly up to the enemy! Domingo takes a solo bolt2, and pulls back to use a healing seed. Anri steps up to take his place, while Balbaroy attacks from directly behind! Gort and Balbaroy take the next bolt-shot, so Gort swaps out with Zylo. Mae hits Mishaela for 1 :blush: , bringing her down to 10hp! Anri and domingo finish her off with ice magic; Domingo lvls to 8!

Man, just imagine what would have happened if she'd decided to fight us with her army. ;)

Battle done! No deaths... on the 3rd run. :blush: In hindsight, I probably could have left Diane in for even more ranged dmg, but I wanted to be sure I'd have enough healing to power through the battle with no mages. I didn't open any of the chests and there's like, 6; so don't forget those. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31 2019 6:06am
by ehow22
Would've been nice if chests were open but ok. Recruited Musashi, gave his Katana to Balbaroy just because. Put Diane back in for Lowe and gave Power Ring to Zylo. Zylo ended up getting a decent level up so you can probably take the ring from him if you want.

No issue with the battle. Kind of rushed it so the slower units didn't see much action. No deaths.


10: Balbaroy
9: Domingo
8: Max(Got +6 Defense btw), Pelle, Gort, Zylo
7: Mae, Anri, Tao, and Guntz
5: Diane and Khris

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 12:00am
by Antman 537
Are you not able to open them after battle? I can never remember how that works. :shifty:

Onward, to the tower of doom!
On the way up, found a devil lance, and gave it to Pelle (but didn't equip it). Also found a turbo pepper!

Then I found an enemy army! They were pretty disorganized, so I tried to rush their position before they could form up. Zylo used a healing drop to patch Balbaroy up when a Jet engaged him. Domingo used another healing seed on himself. The ice worm blocking the passage north hits Mae twice, so she hits him twice back, and lvls to 8!

But by now, The jets have begun to organize. Two attack Pelle, who's taken the lead while Mae gets healed. The force is still choked at the stairs, so no one else can quite reach him, and he's forced to use a healing seed himself, to shield Tao from the front line while she blasts away. At last, Max catches up, finishes a jet off, and lvls to 9! The 2nd jet had 1hp, so I fed it to Diane. Then the front line mopped up a straggling ice worm while Khis healed everyone up. Tao lvled to 8 torching a torch eye from over the wall! Diane lvls to 6 doing the same thing to a conveniently in range steel claw!

Next came a running skirmish down the 2nd lvl courtyard, where Pelle lvled to 9! Khris finally healed enough to lvl to 6, and learned heal 3! Diane hung back until the steel claw died, then rushed to catch up. Balbaroy crit and one-shot the torch eye overlooking the western courtyard, and lvled to 11! Zylo double-attacks the steel claw guarding the stairs and lvls to 9!

Since the enemies at the top of the stairs were already entrenched, it seemed like a good time to wait for the slower force members to catch up. This, as it turned out, did not pay off. The steel claw eventually decided to run down the stairs and shoot Bowie, forcing him to withdraw. Then, the torch eye ran down the stairs and one-shot Tao. :damnit: Domingo lvled to 10 exacting grim revenge. The Ice worm was nice enough to stay put, so Guntz did finally get in on the action. Guntz used his last healing seed.

Next came a game of try to lure out the Wyverns. They took the bait, but man could people not hit them. Balbaroy finally managed to finish the last one off and lvl to 12. I swear I'm not favoring him; everyone else just keeps missing! :( Anri, now out of mana, used her healing seed on Max; and Khris used the last of her mp to top him off. Domingo used his last healing seed on Balbaroy, who was looking a little beat up.

While moving into position to attack the Demon Master, Pelle finds the Valkyrie! It's decided that Gort, Mae, and Diane should lead the charge up the stairs. Mae and Diane arrive first; taking a freeze 2 but bringing the Demon Master down to 4hp! Gort finishes him off, but doesn't lvl. :(

Battle done; Tao needs raising.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 3:19am
by ehow22
I did. You don't progress unless you open the Sword of Light chest near Mishaela's throne.

Forgot that you couldn't open it if there was a character standing there. Had to leave castle and come back :lol:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 1:32pm
by Sarah MMNK99
Antman 537 wrote:Are you not able to open them after battle? I can never remember how that works. :shifty:

Some can be opened after the battle and some can’t. I’m not sure there is any real reason for it either, so it’s better to not risk it and open them during battle. For example if you didn’t get the Valkyrie in the last battle, the chest would be empty after the battle, and we would permanently miss out on the beat spear in the game.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 3:51pm
by Antman 537
Lucky us then ;)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 5:57pm
by ehow22
Forgot about that bug with the Valkyrie.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 7:48pm
by Lobo
Max went inside to find Alef and Torasu then to the top of the tower to find Darksol and to watch Kane die.

Back in Prompt, he went to the church to get Tao back, then to the shop to make some deals, then to HQ to talk to Nova. They agreed to put Musashi in for Balbaroy, as the bird was too overleveled.

Then, Max went to the throne room, where he chatted with King Kusuko and Otrant, before leaving to Metapha.

In Metapha, Max talked to the spirit of the pool once again and met Adam. As the robot was taking Max to forge a new sword, another robot appeared to engage them.

The battle was fierce, with lots of enemies using spells and special attacks. Domingo got busted in the begining. Gort was fried by a Torch Eye. Another Torch Eye got Pelle for good. The rest of the force eventually made to the end of the battle, when the reprogrammed robot Chaos was brought down to pieces.

End of the battle!

Lv12: Balbaroy(in HQ w/ doom blade)
Lv11: Max(wielding two swords), Zylo, Musashi(got his katana back)
Lv10: Mae(the Valkyrie), Pelle(down), Tao(learnt Blaze4), Domingo(down)
Lv 9: Gort(down), Guntz(cursed armadillo), Anri(learnt Bolt)
Lv 8: Diane
Lv 7: Khris(broke the ring)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01 2019 11:33pm
by Sarah MMNK99

Max uses the sword of Light and the sword of Darkness on the Pedestals. The 2 combine and form the Chaos Breaker. The fairy at the fountain tells Max to use it to stop Dark Sol.

The king gives a little back story on the cities of Runefaust and Guardiana. Which I'm not really sure is relevant, but Otrant points us towards Runefaust.

Battle 25

This is a miserable battle. It's a lot of thick forest and movement is super limited movement. After taking out the first 2 mages, I grouped everyone together to try and heal with the white ring, and it disintegrated. So I reset. I had kind of stumbled on to the battle before I was prepared anyway. I went and revived Pelle, Domingo, and Gort, and repaired the White Ring. I also swapped out Musashi for Balbaroy, since he's useless in this battle anyway, and I put Lowe back in for Tao, so I don't have to rely so much on the White Ring.

This battle was a whole of Zylo, Guntz, Domingo, and Balbaroy. Most of the characters ending up doing nothing. After taking out the first Mages, I slowly brought the rest of the party into a huge group to use Aura. Doing this slowly drew in the Minotaurs, and Cerberuses, but the Knights stayed where they were. Once they were dead, and the party fully healed, I advanced and took out the rest of the enemies.

Max 12
Balbaroy 13
Domingo 12
Lowe 3
Khris 8
Gort 10
Zylo 12
Guntz 11
Mae 10
Diane 9
Anri 9
Pelle 10

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 02 2019 12:56am
by Lobo
Runefaust at last!
We are getting there!

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04 2019 11:26pm
by ehow22
Battle finished. No deaths. Khris managed to learn Aura. Was tempted to give Balbaroy the Chaos Breaker because reasons but let Max keep it for now.

Sorry for delay, worked all weekend.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07 2019 5:53am
by Antman 537
Looks like it's my last battle, so let's end this with one more flawless victory! :excited:

It's straight into battle this time, as Ramaldu ambushes us with robots! Tao pulls back to wait for the enemy forces to gather to gether more, while Zylo and Mae lead the charge! A steel claw attacks Khris before she can move, but does only one damage! Did these guys get weaker, or is Khris just a beast? :eyebrow: Diane lvled to 11 killing it off! At last the majority of the enemy go, and our front line gets hit pretty hard. Zylo is nearly surrrounded, but Khris heals him from afar. Gort lvls to 11 killing a torch eye!
Screenshot 2019-11-06 18.52.24.png

By this point it was clear the torch eyes were the greatest danger; so Pelle charged the last one that hadn't moved, and lvled to 12! Tao took an opportunity to use a healing seed on Guntz. Max one-shot a steel claw and lvled to 15! Unfortunately, Pelle's torch eye moved again before he did; so he died. :( Anril lved to 11 killing off two steel claws! Zylo lvls to 14, and Mae to 12 killing the last steel claw!

Now it was time to heal up and take on Ramaldu. Mae, Anri, and Zylo used their last healing seeds. Then it was time to charge! Guntz attacks first, misses, then gets legit one-shot by Ramaldu. Blast that's nasty. :damnit: Luckily, that was the only attack he got. Balbary lands the last hit (because of course he does) and lvls to 14!

Battle complete. Alas, no cookie for Antman. :(

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09 2019 1:46am
by ehow22
Battle completed, no deaths. Although those Chimeras dodging everything was not exactly fun. Caused a fissure to appear in Gort's Atlas Axe but you can repair it if you want. Anri learned Freeze 4 while Khris obtained Heal 4. Was concerned about the final colossus head due to the Bolt spell and I pretty much surrounded it. Gort came through with a double attack at the end though.

Oh yeah, Max has the Kaku-Chan because I wanted at least one collectible.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09 2019 7:38pm
by Lobo
Just picked the savestate, bought Diane a Buster Shot, used all boost items, rearranged the items and filled every empty spot with Healing Seeds.
Everybody ready to take on Darksol!

As the battle begun, Max divided the troops in three groups. Guntz, Domingo and Diane were sent to the west. Mae, Pelle, Zylo and Balbaroy went to the east. While him, Tao, Anri, Gort and Khris mounted a central assault.

Blaze4 and Freeze4 made quick work of the Torch Eyes that hoped to ambush the party. The enemies on the side routes were also no match to the Shining Force.

All got safe and sound to the stairs that led to the plateau where Darksol and his personal troops were waiting.

Max used the Chaos Breaker to freeze Darksol and his three companions. Mae, Zylo and Guntz finished them off. Now only Darksol remained. Tao cast Blaze4 on him, before the enemy could use his Demon Breath to hit Mae and Zylo. Both survived and the whole force surrounded the foe and brought him down for good.

End of Battle!

Lv18: Max
Lv16: Domingo, Balbaroy
Lv15: Mae, Tao, Zylo
Lv14: Guntz
Lv13: Pelle, Gort, Anri
Lv12: Khris, Diane

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10 2019 6:36pm
by ehow22
New Post!

Final battle incoming lol

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11 2019 2:39am
by Sarah MMNK99
Dark Sol is defeated, but with the last ounce of his strength he summons the Dark Dragon, and offers himself up as a host to revive it.


Battle 30

Interesting groupings to start off. All three mages, along with Khris started off on the right side. Tao moved forward, and was able to kill off the skeleton with a single Blaze, but no one over there could move far enough over to block the regenerating spot, so I had to do it twice. On the left side I moved Pelle and Guntz forward to kill the Skeleton and block the spot. With both spots blocked, my plan was to attack the center head first because I figured I could move my entire party to the center of the map quickly, but this was a bit of a miscalculation. I thought the characters standing on the regen blocks were safe, but they aren't. So I had to back off of that spot, and dedicate a few characters to killing off the skeletons anyway. Plus the center head has more health, and it's the most dangerous.

I didn't split the party though. I had the entire party go all out on head at a time, while Khris used the white ring to heal any group damage. It was a bit risk, but the ring never cracked, so it paid off. Anri was shredding them with freeze 4 consistently doing 40-50 damage. But I saved the final hit for hit, to get the special attack.



The dark dragon is defeated, but not dead yet. Nova says that only Max can seal him away. He tells him to take the Chaos Breaker and stab the Dark Dragon with it. Max does it, but it causes the castle to start to crumble. They need to escape, but max cannot move. Nova urges him to break free, and says that they won't leave without him. Max casts egress to save to the party, but when they appear on shore, Max is not with them. Nova theorizes that maybe a great warrior is needed to watch over the seal. The party seems optimistic, unless the castle sinks into the ocean. Mae seems especially upset, I guess she was a love interest, but they didn't do much to develop it until now.


The ending narration tells us that rune was rebuilt, and Anri inherited the throne, but evil is still out there somewhere.....

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11 2019 3:22pm
by Lobo
The job has been done! Great! :thumbsup:
Congratulations to all of us! :)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11 2019 7:22pm
by Antman 537
Indeed, good work! :thumbsup:

Well, what did you guys think of the team game? Anything you'd like to see different in future ones?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12 2019 2:00pm
by Lobo
Mainly more people involved.

I think we worked fine as a team.
Ir was fun. :)

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12 2019 6:33pm
by Antman 537
Yeah; some more players would definitely be nice, haha :shifty: