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Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30 2019 9:37pm
by Antman 537
Lol, yes! I'm planning to do this tonight after I get of work, sorry. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30 2019 10:03pm
by ehow22
:lol: about to head to work myself.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 1:51am
by Antman 537
Ok, onward! Nova told me to talk to the king again, so I did; and he told me about a secret passage! It turns out this passage led to the end of the chapter! Chapter 2 finds us in Rindo. Bought Power staffs for all the casters, and sold all our wooden staffs. I don't recall if they actually make a difference, though. :shifty: Watched myself get killed in a play, and set up some dramatic foreshadowing for the circus battle. :thumbsup: Found a speed ring! Not sure who to give it to, thoughts?

After that, it's on to Manaria and battle!
With the dark dwarves holding the far side of the bridge, and refusing to budge, I decided to jsut stick Ken on the bridge and whail on them with spears. Ken lvls to 5! That finally got the dwarves moving, but unfortunately also got the bats moving. :damnit: Tao lvls to 5 frying dark dwarves! Gort lvls to 5 killing a bat!

Finally, the dwarves are cleared, and Max leads the charge across the bridge to reinforce Ken. Max lvls to 5! Annoyingly, Ken falls asleep on the bridge; causing a backup when none of the healers can get past him. :( Mae makes it though, and lvls to 5 on another bat! The last bat proves incredibly difficult to hit; dodging 4 consecutive attacks and knocking Luke out. Hans and gong finally finish it off, and Hans lvls to 5!

Next up was the assault on the snipers and first mage! Which was a delicate game of inching close enough for an all-out charge before they could move into range. The mage and one sniper helped with this by moving out of position. Max double-shots the mage and kills it before it can regret it's decision! Luke lvls to 5 killing the last sniper!

This done, I prepared a phalanx to take on the mages and zombies. This took some time, as Tao really seemed to struggle across the desert. Unable to take it any longer, Ken charges the gap when one of the mages moves out of position, but loses half his health to a zombie bite and gets poisoned! Max attacks the other mage, and double-shots him again. Guess Max just hates mages. :thumbsup: He then lvls to 6 fending off a zombie!

Meanwhile, Tao at last gets in range and unleashes a carefully conserved fireball, making the zombies a lot less intimidating! Lowe finally lvls to 3 healing Tao of an errant fireball the 2nd mage cooked off before dying. Tried saving the last couple zombies for healers to finish off, but the healers were just too slow. Gort lvles to 6 killing the last one!

TLDR: no deaths, but Ken needs to be un-poisoned.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 3:29am
by Sarah MMNK99

This town is supposed to be a school for mages, but there seems to be a lot of inventors, and advanced technology here. In the basement I found a guy that made some kind of Device to summon demons. He uses it to summon the most foul demon he can conjure up, which ends up being his wife. lol ...and yeah, interesting design. Why does it have such big boobs?


A little further in there is what looks like a monster, holding a Domingo Egg. Heck yeah we want this!


On the next floor there is a guy that has invented a machine that can turn a human into a hen. He says if we can turn humans into hens, then we will never run out of food. It's creepy, but also illogical. If you are ok with eating people, then you would probably get more meat by not shrinking them and eating them as they are, but that's just me nitpicking.

So we approach Princess Anri to tell her of what happened to her father, but she seems to be in denial and doesn't want to listen to it. Nova shows up and confirms what we say. It seems to sink in, and she runs off. When we catch up with her, she resolves to find Kane, and get her revenge, so she joins the Shining Force. Arthur is also here, but he seems to be too busy doing his laundry to help out.

When we head downstairs, Otrant tells us that we need to enter the cave of Darkness to retrieve the Orb of Light.

I ended up equipping the speed ring on Khris because she has the lowest agility in the party. But she is also the lowest level, so we need to keep on an eye on that as she levels up.

Battle: 6

The battle starts off with 2 zombies right next the party, causing a little choke point. Because you can only move 1 melee character in between them, and the rest have to attack from range. What's worse is that there are a bunch of enemies advancing towards the start point, so 1 of them has to go down fairly quickly before we get over whelmed. I moved Max into that spot, and he ended up getting hit with a double attack, which made things kind of close.

The next wave of enemies were advancing towards the second choke point, a bridge. The zombie was on the bridge, with a mage and 2 archers, lined up behind him. I took a risk advacing Tao towards them and hitting all 4 of them with Blaze 2. She did get hit from the Mage's blaze, but I was able to move her out of there and heal her before she could get killed off. She did well this battle, and actually hit multiple enemies with all 3 of her Blaze 2's.

After this phase, the rest of the battle was kind of easy. The bats are no real problem at this point in the game. I honestly should've let the healers kill all of them, but I was worried about the last group which turned out to be nothing.

I sent a few characters to pick up the chests, and one of them had the power ring! It's currently equipped on Hans.

In the upper right hand corner of map there are 3 mages, and a Skeleton that has really high stats for this point in the game. This part looks really dangerous, but none of them move. The mages will cast a spell if you get within a square of their range, but that's inch. You can easily inch up and then attack them head on. Same goes for the skeleton. I positioned Ken and May to the front right and left with throwing spears, and Hans 1 space away and in front, and he couldn't do anything.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 5:42am
by Antman 537
I remember having a hard time with that rush; good work.

Btw, awesome write-ups, guys. :thumbsup: The pics are a super nice touch. I might have to put more work into mine, lol.

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01 2019 9:30pm
by ehow22
I shall have this done and up in the morning after I get off work. Gotta love them long shifts.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03 2019 12:11am
by Antman 537
Not sure if this is still a thing, so filler. :shifty:

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04 2019 8:15pm
by ehow22
So we had an issue at work which delayed me a bit, sorry about that. No deaths, caught up some levels. Not good at recaps so I made a video.


Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04 2019 10:11pm
by Lobo
Just finished Battle 8.

Max got busted, but managed to kill the skeleton and Luke blocked the way to the leader, which actually costed the dwarf's full HP.
Tao saved the day, burning every undead at sight. Anri blazed some too, though she had to get them one by one. Mae and her high def endured lots of blows, while the healers tried to keep every one at stakes.
Before the battle was over, Khris went down too, just before the Anri finished the ghoul and secured the win.

Max and Tao: lvl 8
Mae, Ken, Gort and Anri: lvl 7
Hans: lvl 6
Luke and Lowe: lvl 5
Khris and Gong: lvl 4

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 07 2019 7:15pm
by ehow22
Battle is done, meant to do it this morning after work but ended up staying an extra 4 hours :/

Anyways, mainly used the battle to play catch up. Replaced Hans with Diane because she had slightly better stats at the same level. No deaths. Diane has Power Ring but it is not equipped since I wanted to minimize damage on the Mage. Luke was SUPPOSED to hit level 7, but he missed the final attack.

Level 9: Anri
Level 8: Max, Mae, Ken, Gort, Tao, Diane
Level 6: Luke and Balbaroy
Level 4-5: All the healers.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 3:14am
by Antman 537
whew, busy weekend. I'm planning to do this tomorrow morning.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 3:48am
by ehow22
Filling it up, then.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 4:09pm
by Antman 537
I actually started this last night, but then accidentaly discovered a shortcut to reset the rom in Gens. :(
Got the moonstone, made some Lunar Dew, and cured Zylo. He joins the force as thanks! Which reminds me that I should have come up with some way for us to decide what force we'd use. :shifty: For now, it seems like we've got more healers than needful; so I swapped Gong out for Zylo. To battle!

Max fearlessly leads the charge, but doesn't do too much dmg against the skeletons. Hope I didn't miss a weapon upgrade. :shifty: One of the dark elves try to sneak through the forest and take us by surprise, but Ken lvls to 9 intercepting him! Mae lvls to 9 finishing him off! Strangely, the skeletons just sit there and get wailed on, so I took the chance to give some exp around.

Meanwhile, the other dark elf has been hiding in the woods. I don't know what his game is, but it's time to take the fight to him! This proves harder than expected, as the force struggles through the heavy wood. Zilo comes in handy here, being one of our few characters to get through the forest with ease. Luke and Gort finally make it, Luke lands the killing blow and lvls to 7!

Next up the first Dark Priest and Lizardman! Balbaroy and Diane attack the priest from behind to distract him, while the rest of the force tackles the frontline! Max lvls to 9! The skeletons... just sit there. More experience for our force, I guess. :thumbsup: Balbaroy lvls to 7! Tao lvls to 9 killing the last skeleton!

Next, I reformed our lines to prepare for our charge against their flying cavalry. It's a slow process; with all the heavy forest, it's difficult to keep the force together. Zilo, Diane and Balbaroy slip through the woods to attack the pegasus knights on the left, while the two on the right engage our front line! In a brilliant display of cowardice, the knights to the left flee the field, but our flanking force chases them down. They just don't train Runefaust soldiers like they used to. Luke lvls to 8 finishing the last knight on the right! Zylo lvls to 10! Balbaroy nearly dies, but Diane re-equips the power ring and finishes the last knight off. :thumbsup:

A brief healing intermission! Khris lvls to 5 finally. She learns heal lvl 2! Lowe lvls to 6! Zilo and Diane form an advance force and kill the Lizardman while the rest of the party slog up. Diane lvls to 9! I was going to try and squeeze the priest for more exp, but Diane was rearing to go and one-shot him. :shifty:

TLDR: battle done, no deaths, Zylo joins the force!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 10:36pm
by ehow22
Btw, level 10 promos?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 11:17pm
by Lobo
No rules for that.
Should we vote for that?
Or each player decide on his turn whether to promote or not?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08 2019 11:46pm
by ehow22
I mean I'm good either way. Apparently I forgot to grab Arthur....whoops.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 1:21am
by Antman 537
lvl 10 promos are good for me. who's got time to wait?

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 2:54am
by Sarah MMNK99

I tried to see if I could backtrack and pick up Arthur, but it seems are in a completely different chapter, so I guess he's stuck doing laundry for a bunch of Wizards. Oh well, no great loss in this type of playthrough.

It seems there is are no items to collect or characters for me to recruit, so I just advanced on the bridge. The forces there seem to be having a dispute with one of their mercenaries. He refuses to fight for Kane no matter how much they pay him. The accept his returns, and then politely nudge him off of the side of a cliff.

Battle 11

The first move here was to move Balbaroy North, and slightly to the east to trigger all of the flying enemies. Once they started to make their way towards us, I pulled him back, because is really weak right now, and can't take them out one one. Once they got close enough, I was able to gang up on the 3 of them and kill them. After that, I was still near the starting area, so I started to pull everyone back to avoid the first round of the laser eye. I was able to pull everyone back except for Anri, because there was just no where left to go. But she survived with 1 hp left. It also hit bunch of enemies too. I could conceivable just wait it out and let them die on their own, but we need the exp, so I rushed forward.

The rest of the battle was long and drawn out, but it wasn't that difficult, because a lot of the enemies don't move at all, or they move to set spot even when they are within range to attack.

I advance 6 units forward to cleanup the remaining enemies on the bridge, plus Balbaroy, because that it the max number can avoid damage. I made sure to bring ranged fighters, so that they could attack the archers to the bottom, but this didn't end up being a big deal, because I advanced Zylo just a little to far, so the archers advanced right instead of picking off my party. Not to mention Ken missed his first 4 attacks of this battle. I can't wait to bench his ass. The mistake I made during this phase was that I accidentally left Lowe and Khris back the beginning, so I had no healing. By the time I advanced past Laser Eye, I needed it desperately. I made sure to drain all of Lowe and Khris's Mp, and use the remaining herbs in inventory.

Since Laser eye is a sitting duck, and can't attack on 3 sides, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get a kill for one of the healers. Since Khris was the lowest level, I gave it to her, but Lowe also got a level this battle from all of the healing.

Finally we had a Knight and Priest camping on the bottom of the screen across a bridge. I had balbaroy fly over and attack the priest. Since the priest had 25 mp, and he always healed, I had Balbaroy attack him until it was all gone. He was gaining around 10 exp per hit, and it ended up being enough to give him a second level in this battle.

Max 10
Balbaroy 9
Tao 9
Lowe 7
Khris 6
Gort 9
Zylo 11
Luke 8
Mae 10
Diane 10
Anri 10
Ken 10

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09 2019 9:41pm
by Antman 537
If I read that right, sounds like no deaths. Good work; another cookie!

Re: Team Shining force #?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12 2019 12:39pm
by Lobo

The Shining Force discovered Pao is a town of wagons and got reinforced by powerful Pelle, not-so-powerful Jogurt and Vankar, the drinking knight. Unfortunately, Kokichi was flying somewhere else and never made it to Pao Prairie to meet them.

After a quick stop in town to resuply and chat with some general from the enemy forces, the Shining Force went to battle with Pelle ahead, in Luke's place.

The battlefield was huge and the enemies were many, but the heroes moved onward downing every threat that crossed their path. Gort got a Heat Axe, which he hasn't figured out yet how to use.

Last part of the battle, the Shining Healers got in private fights with the Dark Priests. It took long and bought them a couple levels.

While the healers smacked themselves, the rest of the force took on the last enemies. The cannon and the healer went down fast and easily. The leader didn't. He even found a spot to put Diane out of action. But that was the most he could do.

End of battle and the Shining Force moves on to....Pao again?

Shining Force Levels:
12: Zylo
11: Max, Tao, Anri, Ken and Gort
10: Mae, Diane and Balbaroy
9: Lowe and Pelle
8: Khris