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Detailed Leveling data + Code?

Looking for data/code seemingly not posted anywhere.

Discussion about the original classic Genesis/Mega Drive game. Posts about the GBA remake belong in the forum below.

Detailed Leveling data + Code?

Postby FurryEskimo » Sun Mar 17 2019 3:37pm

I'm looking for detailed data on how each character levels up, or the actual code that determines what stats level up for each character. Anyone aware of where this data might be found?

I've considered recording every level up for every character, but I considered it too late, and I'm not keen on replaying the entire game, leveling up every single character.
Having the actual code would be easier.

Also, I'm curious if anyone knows how the AI picks who and how to attack? Seems like they have very clear priority targets in many situations, but I'm not sure why.
Also also, how are damage numbers calculated? Seems like it's attack-defense, but crits add, 50% to the base attack? And some enemies resist magic. Where's that stat??
What stats affect dodge rate, double attack, and crit rate?
Also also also,, curses! There seem to be two types. One causes the user to take damage, and the other causes them to occasionally not attack. The curses do stack. I've noticed that the damage curse used to do only a little damage to me, but now does like, five times more damage! What's this damage value based on??

Please help me. <3
I loved this game as a kid and wrote a massive guide, but on review I see there's a lot to add that, no one seems to know. I'm hoping you can help me.

I've considered creating a google, excel(?) to record tons of data on characters leveling up, and if people were interested, we might be able to fill it in together, so we get lots of data, with a health average to turn into exceptionally detailed graphs.

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Re: Detailed Leveling data + Code?

Postby Raijinili » Tue May 07 2019 12:27am

Aren't a lot of these things shown in the SF1 Editor?

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