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Shining Force

...as a movie.

Discussion about the original classic Genesis/Mega Drive game. Posts about the GBA remake belong in the forum below.

Shining Force

Postby Wulfunruh » Fri Mar 17 2017 2:16am

A while back, I saw a site with who would be a good actor for which character. Obviously, by now it would be extremely dated. To start with? I think Bill Murray (God Bless!) would've been the perfect Lyle. Anyone else know a perfect character? Besides Vin Diesel as Gong..

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Re: Shining Force

Postby Caedmonball19 » Fri Jun 30 2017 9:20pm

This will be tough with the young ages of the characters in the game and me not really knowing up and coming actors and actresses. Here are some thoughts based on look (not age):
Zac Efron - Ken
Sean Astin - Lowe
Chris Pine - Max
Alan Tudyk - Voice of Adam (he did well in Rogue One)
Hugh Jackman - Zylo (come on give his the claws again)
Emma Watson - Tao

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Re: Shining Force

Postby monkbarron » Mon Nov 13 2017 5:39am

Me as Luke, or Jogurt.
:sleep: Z Will Always Dominate Any SF TAS :sleep:
:sleep: Z Will Always Dominate Any SF TAS :sleep:

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