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New rule based hard mode NO MODS

Set of rules to abide by to make the game more difficult... possibly

Discussion about the original classic Genesis/Mega Drive game. Posts about the GBA remake belong in the forum below.

New rule based hard mode NO MODS

Postby rbahamut » Sun Oct 30 2016 7:07pm

Hey guys! Its been a while since i have been on the forums but i was bored and came up with a set of rules that could prove to be fun and challenging. A ton of players dont like using mods... they are crazy... so here is a modless challenge mode that i made up. Enjoy

1. Only one obtainable force member per chapter, not including Max. If multiple members join at the same time via an event, you may choose one character the rest must be killed and removed asap without gaining any exp or being used as pawns to distract enemies while the active party members move past them.

2. No egress/leaving and redoing battles to exploit xp including kamakazi the hero. The only time a fight is redoable is when all force members die before hero and the fight may only be redone once. A reset must happen and load the save file to retry the fight should more attempts be needed, maximum one fight per chapter.

3. No save scumming to force/avoid any of the following: stat increases via leveling, stat increases via consumable items, crits, hits, double attacks, dodges, status ailments, heals, equipment cracking, equipment breaking, land effect increase/decrease. You may save at the beginning of a battle to avoid reloading in town and walking back to the fight (make sure to do all of your shopping before saving in the battle as egressing/leaving is not permitted)

4. Promotions must be given asap, no extra levels are permitted to be gained once a character has hit level 10 unpromoted, with the exception of when, A. All other force members are dead in the middle of a battle and alive character/s hit level 10 during the battle, B. The character joined the force above level 10, C. Jogurt.

5. Only 1 consumable stat increase item per character permitted, so take care what item to use on which character, and when. Not useable before and after promotion... just before OR after. See rule 3!

6. A character must have a weapon equipped if that character uses weapons, this is so players do not sell weapons for gold, and deters using a character as a healing item mule. This includes characters obtained that are not in your party. They cannot have their weapons sold or traded and cannot be used as storage... act like they never joined.

7. No exploits/cheats/hacks of any kind, with one exception which is skipping the initial party members.

8. Sniping is permitted, but not recommended as it is wasted exp you cannot make up later. This rule may be changed in the future

9. No characters allowed that do not promote, excluding Jogurt.

The following characters are therefore, by rule, excluded from the force completely: Khris, Domingo, Musashi, Adam, Hanzou.

You should end up with 7 force members including the Hero as chapters 5 and 8 have no eligible characters to recruit.

Have fun and dont pull your hair out. I look forward to hearing the different builds and experiences, maybe even some speedruns!

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Re: New rule based hard mode NO MODS

Postby Pingurules » Sat Jan 14 2017 6:43pm

Why not Khris or Adam? As far as I know, they can promote.
For some reason, I find the majority of birds to be irresistibly cute.

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For some reason, I find the majority of birds to be irresistibly cute.

SFC RPG: Wins-14 Losses-684 Escapes-57

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