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Rom Map

Mapping of rom for hacking / curiosity

Discussion about the original classic Genesis/Mega Drive game. Posts about the GBA remake belong in the forum below.

Re: Rom Map

Postby ResidentLeever » Fri Nov 11 2016 1:02am

Updated shared palettes notes:

Enemy Battle Sprites (not shared with anything else?):

Force Battle Sprites - Color slots 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 in (I think) each palette are shared with the HUD during battle animations and only the white can be edited without problems. See page 84 of the editor thread for more details:

Tilesets (not shared with anything else?, very unfinished) - Color slot 16 still uneditable:

Odd stuff I noticed about the tilesets:
Battle 0 - Top of walls shade looks off
Battle 3 - Brightest shade on some ground tiles looks off?/Missing tiles
Battle 8 - Grass and mountain walls look off
Battle 15 - Most ground tiles look off
Battle 18 - Brightest ground shade looks off?/missing tiles

Battle Backgrounds (not shared with anything else):
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Re: Rom Map

Postby rubixcuber » Fri Nov 11 2016 5:32am

I appreciate your enthusiasm for Shining Force, the editor, and clearly... palettes.

But this is a ROM map, nothing more than a list of offsets of data in the ROM. This is not a good place to discuss the editor or colors or anything like that.

I fully recommend starting a thread for palette related information. Or if you must, put it in the actual editor topic.

This post is really just a reference and was 4 years buried until people started talking here just now. It's not a good thread to put stuff you want people to see.

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Re: Rom Map

Postby ResidentLeever » Fri Nov 11 2016 2:05pm

They're important to a graphics hack, yeah.

It's not a discussion but preferably the info should end up in the help file. I'll post a new thread when done though.
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