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Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Thu May 21 2009 11:37pm
by Mew seeker
The purpose of this topic is to translate the Japanese text of Shining Force,
allowing to compare it with the official translation and see to which extend
the game was changed.
And, it WAS changed. X D
From what I have seen, I consider the GBA translation to be much more accurate
to the original that the U.S. version.
But the GBA version is not the U.S. version
so a translation of the Genesis script is not useless imho (in my humble opinion).

That being said, before I start, you should know that I am far from perfect.
Have you heard of, let's say, Lina Darkstar,
which made a translation of The Forbidden Series 6?
Well, if you expect something THAT good, forget it. X D
While I know more Japanese than the average person,
I have limits and it will show. The problem is that right now,
there is no one better available for now as far as I know. ^^;;;
Expect to see many (?) in the text to see parts I'm not so sure of the translation
and to remind you to not take eveything for cash value.
Even then, you will find interesting things here and there.

Since there's a lot of text, expect the topic to last many, many days.
I could have done it chapters by chapters but it's a long task
and I might get lazy. :\
You might need to bug me once in a while. X D

I'm not sure how much I can type in a single post.
I will end the first post here and the next one will contain
the beginning of the Japanese script.
You might want to wait for the second post before starting to comment. X D

Edit : I just learned I can't post twice in a row.
The gamefaqs forums don't work the same way. X D

Here is how the text will be shown.

First, there will be the U.S. Text.
Then, the Japanese text for those who might want to look at it.
And finally, my shot at translating it in blue.
to help differentiate it from the rest of the text.
If I have comments to add, they'll be in italic.
(or between parentheses)

I will start with the introduction.
I know, the translation is already here on this site. X D
But it will show you how much I can do.

Oh, and one more thing. Expect SPOILERS.
Lot of them.
If you haven't played the game, please do so and then come back here. ;)

Shining force Script


In ages long forgotten...

およそ1000ねんほど むかし‥

From about 1000 years in the past..

...Light fought Darkness for
control of the world.

きよき心を 光とよび
悪しき心を やみとよんだころ

Pure hearts were called by the light
Evil hearts were invited by the darkness

Dark Dragon led the evil
hordes of Darkness.

やみのけしん ダークドラゴンは
はかいとさつりくを くりかえしていた

The incarnation of Darkness, Dark Dragon
was destroying and slaughtering again and again.

*Picture of the battle against Dark Dragon*

The Ancients fought back with
the Powers of Light.


At the end of the great battle with the gods
Dark Dragon was captured.
(Note : "gods" is often if not always changed in the U.S. version in "Ancients")

Dark Dragon was defeated and
cast into another dimension.

そして 神々のてにより
ちのそこに ふういんされた

And by the hand of the gods
it was sealed in the bottom of the earth.

*Face of Dark Dragon*

The Lord of Darkness vowed to
return in 1,000 years.

「我ハ カナラズ ヨミガエラン
 1000ネンノ ノチニ?」

"I will revive withouth failing
in 1000 years..." (?)(
That part is quoted, meaning that Dark Dragon was talking.
Try to say the text with your scariest voice. : P
The text is written in Katakana, meaning it doesn't sound too human.
Maybe I should have wrote it in CAPS.

*Picture of a castle*

Time passed, and Dark Dragon
was forgotten by all.

そして ときはながれ でんせつは

And in time the stream of legends
have been forgotten. (?)

Ten centuries of peace ruled
the land of Rune.

人々 えいえんとも おもわれる
へいわなときを たのしんでいた

Humanity seemed to have seemingly enjoyed
an eternal time of peace.

*Picture of Rufaust's forces*

Until the kingdom of Runefaust
brought war and fear to Rune.

しかし そのせいじゃくをやぶり

But destroying that quietness (?)

Hordes of evil creatures
ravaged every land.

とつじょ しんぐんをかいしした

The large east country Runfaust
suddenly started its march.

Here and there, strongholds
of Good still held out...

人々は おそれおののき

Humanity, trembling with fear

...awaiting a Hero who could wield the Powers of Light!

すくいのてを まちのぞんだ?

looked for a helping hand
against this expanding power. (?)


Start of the game : the scene with the girl reading a book.

Simone :

Wow! Dark Dragon, Ancients...
Let's see now, what else does
this old book say?
Hmmm. One thousand years
have passed since they
vanquished Dark Dragon.
And this book says
Dark Dragon threatened to
return right about now.
I bet anything that Dark
Dragon is behind the evil
hordes of Runefaust!
I need to tell someone about
this! But who would listen to
a kid like me?
I think Dark Dragon's coming
back! Will you help us?
C'mon, it?ll be an adventure!

あれから 1000ねんがたちました
なんとしても 悪しき力を
我々も それをそしするため
ふういんを まもるためのちすじを
それが あなたたちなのです
わー これから どうなるんだろう?
えーと えーと?
あーっ!! いらっしゃーい!
おじちゃんなら お出かけよ
でも もうすぐ かえってくると
えっ このごほん? これはね?!
ルーンたいりくに つたわる
むかしむかしの おはなしなの
そうだ! もしよかったら
おじいちゃんが かえってくるまで
ごほんを よんできかせてー!

From there 1000 years have passed.
To not let that evil power be revived...
We also raised a lineage
in order to protect the seal
to block it.
This was your (people?) doing.
Wa- where did you come from?
Hum hum ...
Aahh!! Welcome!
If it's for grampa-chan, he went outside.
But I think he should be back very soon...
Ah, this book? You mean this!?
I heard that apparently a long time ago
it was transmitted in the Rune continent.
Is that so! If it's ok,
until grampa-chan comes back,
let's read this book!

While it might not make unanimity, I have decide to keep Japanese honorifics.
I think it would be for best.
If you don't know what they are, have a look here :


Cont Del
New Copy

つづきから   けす
はじめから   うつす

Continue Delete
From the begining Copy (duplicate)

*If you choose New*

Pick an adventure.

*And then*

Say, what shall I call you?

ねえねえ このおはなしの主人公は
なんていう 名まえなの?

Well well, how should the hero of that story
be called?
How considerate of her.
Maybe the hero's name was never know in the book...

Nice to meet you,
Max! I'm Simone.
Come back often
and tell me everything!
You need to get going! Evil
spreads farther across Rune
with every passing day.

マックスさんて いうのね
それじゃ はやく よんで!
はやく はやくーっ!

We will call him Max-san huh.
Sounds cool!
Let's read this quick!
Quick quick!
Definitively not the same style in the Japanese version. X D
If you didn't knew yet, the girl don't have a name in the Japanese version.


Runefaust Invasion


Chapter 1
The Runefaust army invasion

Max? Max?
C'mon, kid, wake up!
I didn't hit you that hard.

さあ マックス殿
どこから かかってきても けっこう
力いっぱい うちこみなされ!

Well Max-dono
Even when trapped from somewhere (?)
you put into heart plenty of great energy!
Max doesn't get his butt kicked in the Japanese version. : P
Also, he is called dono by many people, which denote respect.
To make a comparaison, in Super Mario RPG,
while Mario usually get called Mario-san by many people,
the high ranked chancelor calls him Mario-dono.

*You heard some noise.*

Keep your guard up, kid.
Those beasts of Runefaust
will tear you to pieces!

ま まいった!
いまのこきゅうを おわすれなく

De, defeated!
I didn't lost my breath. (?)

Lord Varios:
OK, that's enough for today.
You'd better take it easy for
a while.

このへんで ひとやすみしましょう
としのせいか 私も さいきん
つかれやすく なりました?

Let's rest around here.
Maybe it's age but lately
I get tired easily...
In the Japanese version, it's Varios that get tired.
Maybe that in the U.S. version, they wanted us to pity Max
only to make him much cooler afterward? X D

*If you talk to him again before talking to Lowe*

Lord Varios:
No, Max, I think
you've had enough for

もう ひとしょうぶ ですと?
マックス殿 あまり としよりを

You want another match with me? (?)
Max-dono, please don't tease
too much this old man. (?)

Bookcase in the church :
Path to Master Swordmanship,
Warrior Techniques,
and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"Way to Swordmaster"
"Warrior's knowledge"
There are various books here.

Lowe appear, saying:
Well, Max, had enough
swordplay for today?

すげえなあ マックス!
ごかくの しょうぶかよ!

Awesoomee Max!
You fought on par
with the knight Varios-sama! (or Barios/Balios?)
Lowe not using honorific here denote that he's close to Max.
A good friend at least imho.

I don't know how you keep at
it hour after hour. I'm dead
tired after about 15 minutes!

うーん ほんとに すげえや!
オイラ とんでもないヤツを
ともだちに しちまったな

Yeahh it's truly awesome!
For us, it's unexpected for someone to fight a friend. (???)

Lord Varios:
You have the makings of a
great fighter, Max.
You'll be tested soon enough.

マックス殿は まことに おつよい
かつては どこかの国の りっぱな
我がガーディアナでも せいしきに
騎士として おむかえできれば

Max-dono is truly strong.
In the past, he must have been
a great swordman in some country.
Even for me in Guardiana, (?)
that I could oficially meet such a knight (?)
is good but... (?)

A soldier appear, saying :
Lord Varios, the king has
sent for you. You must come
at once!

バリオス様 じつは?

Varios-sama, the situation (?)...
You don't get to hear much in the Japanese version.

Lord Varios:
Of course. Lead the way, guardsman.
I fear the worst, Max!
Prepare yourself for true
battle immediately!

なに! それはまことか!
マックス殿 もうしわけありません
もう 城にもどるきかんのようです
また あしたも けいこに
あせを ながしましょうぞ

What! Is it true!
... Understood.
I am really sorry Max-dono.
As it is, I must already return to the castle
Let's pour sweat
by training again tomorrow.

*He leaves*

Did you see Varios' face? He
went pale! Something really
big is happening.
Let's split up and see if we
can't find out what's going
on. I'll see you later.

見たかよ バリオス様のかおいろ
こまったことでも あったのかな?
オイラ 城の様子を見てくるぜ
おまえも あとから こいよな!

Did you see, Varios-sama's expression
was really pale... Something
must have worried him but what could it be?
Let's go to see how things are at the castle.
Come too later!

*He leaves too.*

Woman in the church :
I'm sick of feeling helpless!
I'm going to ask Varios to
train me to be a fighter!

てつだいの おじいさんったら
さいきん ものわすれがひどくて
としだから しかたないのかしらねえ

If you are (?) grandpa's helper,
his recent(or lately?) forgetfulness is an awful thing.
I guess it can't be help if it's because of age.
I don't know why but the nature of the NPC chat is sometime changed.
There are othere instance of this in the game.

Hello, Max! I've been
having the worst nightmares.
Have you had any?

これは マックス殿
きのうのよる 私は
ふしぎなゆめを 見たのですよ
どんなゆめか おわかりですか?

This is Max-dono.
Last night,
I had a mysterious dream
Do you understand what kind it was?

*If you say yes*

I bet they're the same ones
I've been having!

ほう さすがはマックス殿だ
そうです あなたに はじめて
お会いした あのときの ことです

As I expected from you Max-dono.
Really, it was about that time
we met you for the first time.

If you say no, he'll say instead :
Well, then, let me tell you
about mine.

人の心を よむ力はありませんか
あなたに はじめて お会いした
あのときの ゆめを 見たのですよ

Not as a would have expected from you Max-dono (?)
There is not a power to read a person's heart, is there?
It was a dream of that time
where I first met you that I saw.

*In both case, he'll then say*

I saw our land in ruins. Evil
creatures roamed our halls!
It seemed so real!

かいがんに たおれていた あなたを
あれは もう 1ねんもまえ?
きおくを すべて うしなっていた
あなたを おあずかりしたのも
神のおみちびきなのかも しれません

Lou discovered you collapsed
on the beach...
One year already passed since that...
Because (?) all of your memory was lost
we took care of you. (?)
God's guidance is something that can't be understood. (?)
Lou = Lowe.
Also, they ripped off important background story about Max.
(It can explain why Lowe is close to Max.)
And there is no mention of God here either.

When you talk to him again, he'll say :

Varios seemed very upset when
he passed this way. Perhaps
you should look for him.

マックス殿は バリオス殿のことが
気がかりなのでは ありませんか?
ならば 城に行かれては どうです?
バリオス殿は あなたの剣のせんせい
力になって おあげなさい

Max-dono, about Varios-Dono,
aren't you worried?
If it's the case, how about going to the castle?
Varios-dono is your sword teacher.
Go lend him your strenght.

Old man at the church:
Eh? What's a youngster like
you doing moping around? Get
out and fight evil!

きおくを うしなったことなぞ
気にせんでも ええよ
にんげんは みんな おんなじじゃ
としをとれば みんな わすれちまう
たのしかったこと つらかったこと
みんな わすれちまうのさ

I too had thought (?)
about losing memory, yes. (?)
Everyone is the same among humans.
If you ask about/take age (?) , every one forget.
Things that were fun, things that were painful,
every one (?) will forget.

Bookcase near the old man :
The Light and the Darkness,
How Green Was My Dragon,
and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"The legend of light and darkness"
"The epoch of gods"
There are various books here.

Guard at the church:
Back and forth, up and down!
Man, I'm tired of guarding
this chapel all day!

私も バリオス様に
剣のけいこを つけてほしい!
教会の けいびが いそがしく
なかなか おもいどおりなは?
マックス様が うらやましい?

I too want to be in a sword training (?)
with Varios-sama! (?)
... that's what I think but (?)
being busy the church's defence
don't allow much to do what I want... (?)
I envy you Max-sama...
Max-sama? Oh my. X D

Woman at the entrance of the castle:
The Castle of Guardiana lies
just ahead. Varios went in
just a while ago.

このさきが ガーデイアナのお城よ
ちいさいけど ゆいしょただしい
りっぱな お城なのよね
それに ウワサだけど なにか
すごい宝ものが あるんですって
やっぱり ほうせきかしらね?

Past this point is Guardiana castle.
It's a small but historically fine
splendid castle.
Beside, there is some kind of rumor
about some kind of amazing treasure being there.
I wonder if it's some kind of jewel?

Old man at the entrance of the castle :
Someday I hope to go to
Manarina to become a mage.

わしは マナリナに行きたいんじゃ
まどうしに なってみたいのじゃ

I would like to go to Manarina.
I would like to become a mage
by studying in that country.
Let's be fair. While some stuff was changed,
some things are also more or less the same.

Man near bar:
There are so many monsters
outside the city gates!
There's no escape!


Following the road (?) to the ancient gate,
I saw a lot of goblins.
It's more accurate in the Japanese version
and it give you foreshawing as well.
Too bad that goblins will be the least of your worries
in the games. : P

Man near the cart :
Hey! Watch it, pal! How'd you
like it if I tried to run you
over with a cart?

いてえだろ!! このよそ者め!
こんどやったら ただじゃおかねえぞ

Stop!! (?) You stranger guy!
If you do it again, it will cost you a lot of money (?)
He's reallly, really not happy.

Grrr! Woof, woof! Arf!

ウー ワン! ワン!

Wa- wan! Wan!

Man near exit:
Have you seen my cart? It
rolls away all the time.
Needs new brakes, I guess.

おれの にぐるまさー
かんたんに はしり出すから
ちょっと きけんなんだよね
そろそろしゅうりに 出さなきゃな

My cart,
simply, if it start to run,
it get a bit dangerous.
Soon, I'll have to go repair it.

Left guard at the exit :
An order from the castle.
No one leaves.

お城からの めいれいで
だれであろうと ここを
とおすことは できません

An order from the castle :
no one is allowed
to pass that point here.

Rigth guard at the exit :
Sorry, Max. Talk to
the king if you want to
leave. Orders are orders!

いやあ すいませんねーっ
ホントは こんなこと
城からの めいれい なんですよ
だれも 出しちゃダメ! ってね
ほんとに 悪いっすね

I am real-ly sorry.
Truly, there is no arrengement (?)
for that place but... (?)
It's an order frome the castle.
It say that :"Anyone getting out is no good!"
Truly bad.

Sign on the bar's wall :
The Green Dragon

ほんじつ にゅうかしました」

..Mandragora wine nouveau
have arrived today."
No wine for the U.S. : P

Man behind the bar's counter :
Pay the old man no heed,
youngster. His mind isn't
what it used to be!

そこのジイさん しつこいから
あんまり あいてにしない方が
いえの者に ジャマにされるって
まいにち グチばかりなんだから
うちも いいめいわくですよ

Because that old guy there is obstinate,
it's a good thing (?)
that he don't have much company.
He get in the way of people here.
Because everyday he does nothing but complaining,
he cause trouble to the place (?).

Warrior in the bar :
Hey there, youngster. My name
is Gort. Care to hear my

よお おわかいの
おれはゴートっていう のんだくれだ
おれのはなしに つきあわんか?

Yo, young guy,
Me, the one called Gort went drunk. (?)
Will you listen to me talking?
Goth, the name of a group of barbarians,
could be another possible translation.

If you say no at any of his questions :
I understand. I had things
to do when I was your age.
Perhaps some other time.

そうかい まあ いそがしいんなら
しかたないか アンタにはアンタの
つごうが あるんだしな

Is it so, well if you're busy,
it can't be helped. You have
thing tto take care of. (?)

If you say yes :
Thanks. No one talks to me
anymore. All too busy. Want
to hear a secret?

そうかい こりゃ うれしいねえ
いやなにね このとしになると
ぐちっぽく なるんでね

いえのもんに じゃまにされることが
おおいもんで こうしてここで
おっとおれのはなし まだきくかい?

Is it so, well young guy, I am pleased.
Bad things in this town/time (?)
*grumble* I have become. (?)

Because I was in the way causing trouble at home but (?)
I am worrying a lot, (?)
I am thus drinking here.

If you say yes again :
Never trust anyone outside
this city! Murderers and
thieves, all of 'em!
I ought to know. I used to
be a great warrior. Been all
over the world.
Why, I have half a mind to go
out again. Would if I got a
good offer.

おれは こう見えても
むかし りっぱな戦士だったんだ
ずいぶんてがらも たてたもんだ
さいきんは へいわなもんだから
おれの たちばってもんがないよ‥
いや 悪いねえ つきあわせて
みんな あいてに なってくれんから
しんせつな人が いると
つい はなしたくなっちまうんだよ

I was watching this way. (?)
Back then I was a great warrior.
An extremely meritorius (?) one.
Nowaday, because of that peace thing,
there is no situation (?) for me..
No, it's bad if you compare. (?)
If you don't become like the others (?)
If you are a kind person (?)
You didn't listen to this by mistake. (?)
While I didn't get all of the Japanese text,
I can't help but feel bad for Gort.
With peace he lost his usefulness and he ended up a drunkard.
He became isolated from other people.
He realize Max's kindness as it's probably one of the few people left
that actually pay attention, care to him.

Sign on the shop wall :
Weapon and Item Shop


"Weapon and item shop"

Weapons seller:
Sigh, not another customer!
Buy, sell, buy, sell. That's
all I do! Just go away!

これは これは いらっしゃいませ
なにを おもとめですか?
?と いいたいのですが?
ほれ さいきんは へいわでしょ
戦いや旅の道具なんか おいといても
さっぱり うれないんですよ
?はあ しょうばい なんか
はじめるんじゃ なかった

This, this "welcome",
what am I asking/looking for? (?)
... That's what I would like to say but...
Lately, it must be peace. (?)
I dislike (?) battle and traveling items.
I would feel relieved (?) to not sell them.
... ah, bussiness didn't somewhat (?)

Item seller:
Don't mind the boss. He gets
like that sometimes. Perhaps
I can help you out?

うちのおやかた やる気を
なくしちまってね 道具だけで
よかったら おれがうってやるぜ

This house master have lost
his will. If it's only items
that you would like, I'll sell those.

House with the cart in front of it :
-Girl's father:
We're all upset about our
daughter's nightmare. Do you
think it means anything?

むすめのことで うちのヤツが
ひどく しんぱい しちまってね
オレは 気にしてないんだけど?
はー けっこんすると いろいろ
くるうが たえないよ
あんたは どくしんで 気らくだね

That guy in the house was
terribly worried about his daughter(?).
I wouldn't worry about it but...
Ha, if you marry, lot of thing
won't stop going wrong. (?)
You, you have it easy by staying single.

Girl's mother:
My poor girl! I can't seem to
calm her down!

むすめの様子が おかしいんです
いったい どうしたのかしら?

My daughter state is strange.
I wonder what on earth should I do...

I...I had an awful dream. The
whole town burned down.
Sniff. Our house, too.

ぐすん ぐすん
?あ あたしね とっても
コワいゆめ 見たの
町がね みんな もえちゃうの
おうちもね みんな もえちゃうの
あーん ホントにコワかったのよ

Sob sob
I, I had a really
scary dream.
The town was burning everywhere.
The house was all burned.
Wah, it was really scary.
Once again, more details here.

House with the dog near it :
-Woman in the first floor :
Sorry, but I'm busy packing.
Grandpa's out somewhere. He
has time to talk!

ひるまから 酒場に いりびたりで
まったくイヤに なっちゃうわ

If it's about Gort grampa-chan,
since it's daytime, he should be at the bar.
It have become really bad.

-First floor bookshelf :
The Warrior's Code,
All about Weapons,
and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"The warrior's law"
"All about weapons"
There are various books here.

-Woman in the basement :
Grandpa was once the best
warrior in all of Rune. But
that was a long time ago.

うちのおじちゃんも むかしは
国でいちばんの 戦士だったのよ
でも いまじゃ ただのグータラね

Long ago, grandpa here
was the country best warrior.
But now he's just a good-for-nothing.

-Basement bookshelf :
Hand Axe Techniques,
Hunt for the Axe of Legend,
and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"Hand Axe usage"
"Search for the legendary axe" (or axes?)
There are various books here.

Warrior in the small house near the entrance :
Be careful, Max. The
knights resent the time Lord
Varios spends training you!

これは マックス殿!
騎士のヤツラが あなたの剣のうでに
やきもちを やいているんですよ

This is Max-dono!
It would be good to be careful about what you do.
Those knights guys are being
jealous of your skill with the sword.

Sign on the inn's wall :
Knights' Inn

心をこめた おもてなし!」

"Guardiana Hotel
Take in heart to not wait outside!" (?)
Maybe it's an invitation to come in? ^^;;;

Inn owner:
Bad times, my friend. Not a
guest in two weeks!

きいてください ヘンなんですよ
さいきん 旅のおきゃくさんが
ぜんぜん こないんですよ!
このやども すこしまえまでは
けっこう はんじょう してたのに
さいきんは サッパリですよ?

Please listen about this weird thing.
Lately there are no
customers at all. (?)
This in until very recently
was really prosperous
but lately it went away...


Inside the castle :

Guard near the headquarters:
No one enters here without
Lord Varios' permision!

ここは ほんじん ?戦士たちが
戦いのしたくをする ところです
ようじのない者は はいれません

Here's is the headquarter. Warriors
make battle preparations in this place.
People withouth bussiness here can't enter.

Castle guard 1&2:
This is Guardiana Castle!

ここは ガーディアナの城です!

This is Guardiana Castle!

Guard near the knights:
Watch out, Max! There are REAL kinghts training
out here! You might get hurt!

ここは騎士たちの くんれん場です
あまり ちかよらない方が

This is the knights practice field.
It would be best to not
get too close...

Note : I migth have put the wrong translation with it's U.S. text.
Hey, it's not easy! Those knights keep moving. X D

Knight 1:
We'll make quick work of
those Runefaust beast!

ほこりたかき ガーディアナの騎士が
まともに くちをきけるか! フン

Listen those proud guardiana knights (?)
talking from their mouth frankly (?)
to some not understanding horse bone guys! Phmm (?)
This is not my best moment. ^^;;;

Knight 2:
The Guardiana knights have no
need of you, Max!

えーい ちぇすとー!
うーん かけごえだけは

Eeei chesto!
Hm, even if it's just yelling,
it looks good... (?)
Yes, it's really written "chesto".

Knight 3:
Whew! Training wears me out.

てやーっ! てやーっ!
もういっちょ てやーっ!
ふー くんれんは つかれるな

Teyaahhh! Teyaahhh!
One more time (?) teyaahhh!
Fuu, practice is tiring.

Knight 4:
We have trained until our
arms are ready to fall off!
When will we see battle?

さいきんは 戦いもおこらない?
我々騎士は ほんとうに
ひつよう なのだろうか?

Lately battles aren't occuring...
Are we knight truly
still required...?
As the introduction said, peace really have lasted a long long time

Knight 5:
Beat it, Max! This
training field's too rough
for the likes of you!

旅のしょうにんに きいたのだがな
ひがしの大国 ルーンファウストが
我が国を ねらっているらしい?
?まあ うわさ だがな

I heard from a traveler/traveling merchant
that the large country Runefaust to the east
seems to have eyes on our country...
... but it's just a rumor.
More foreshadowing
In the Japanese version, there's very little talk of Runefaust yet.
In the U.S. version, they're expecting them...
... and get their butt kicked anyway. X D

Knight 6:
Don't let them get to you,
Max. Some knights are
always complaining.

騎士のなかには れいぎしらずもいる
ほんとうに うまんな?
騎士の ほこりばかりに とらわれて
いざ戦いというときが しんぱいだ

Some knight (?) don't have manners.
Truly unpleasant... (note : "uma" can also mean horse)
The eye is clouded,
imprisoned by about nothing else than knight's pride. (?)
Now the said time of battle is concerning. (?)

House to the left of the castle :
-Old man:
The king seems very worried.
Do you know why?

わしは 王様が 子どものころから
ずーっと おせわをしてきた
それなのに さいきん 王様は
わしに なにも そうだんしてくれん
うーん かなしいのお
王様が なにか なやんでおられる
そういうウワサを みみにしたんじゃ
おぬし なにか しらんか?

I took care of the king-sama
all the time from the time he was a child.
About that (?), lately, the king-sama
do not come anymore to consult me.
Hm, it's sad.
Something is troubling the king-sama.
Do you not know of some kind
of rumor that would have come to your ear?

If you say no :
My guess is that thoughts of
the Gate of the Ancients
trouble our noble king!

ふーん やはり しらんか?
わしがおもうに 古えのもんのことで

Phmm, as I thought, you don't know...
My guess is that it's the ancient gate thing
that seems to worry him...

If you say yes :
Well! You young people think
you know everything!

あんたが 王様のなやみごとを
しっとる わけがないじゃろ

To pay attention is good. (?)
That you would know about
the king-sama worries is not all. (???)

Centaur female knigth :
Greetings, Max.
I am Mae, Varios' daughter.
The other knights feel that
father has wasted his time on
you. We shall see!

こんにちは 私はバリオスのむすめ
父上に 剣の教えをうけてるからって
あんまり いい気にならないことね
あなたは よそ者なんだから!

Hello. I am Varios's daughter
Mei the knight.
You are Max...
That you recieved sword teaching from my father
should not make you feel too optimistic (?).
After all, you're a stranger!
The people who don't like Max seems to not like him
because he is a stranger and possibly also
because he gets special attention from Varios anyway.

Guard near the treasure room:
What kind of treasure? I'm
not sure. Something really
valuable, I guess.

宝をまもるのは たいへんです
すごく きんちょう するんです
?はやく こうたいしたい!
え? どんな宝かって?
うーん 私にはわかりません
きっと だいじなものでしょう

The protection of the treasure is a serious thing.
There was a great tension. (???)
... Quick, let's get away! (???)
Eh? What kind of treasure it is?
Hmmm, I don't know.
Undoubtly, it must be a really important thing.
So, any bet on what the treasure really is? : P

Guard at the treasure room:



After pushing him
Hey, cut that out! You can't
just push your way in here.
Get out!

ははは 力づくで どうにかなるほど
よのなかは あまく ありませんぞ!

Ha ha ha, going by strenght in a way or the other (?)
in the world is not optimistic! (?)
I like how the guard laugh instead in the Japanese version. : )

Knight inside the castle:
These are my quarters. Find
someplace else to sleep!

おい きさま なんのようだ!
かんけいない者が 城にはいるな!

Hey, you, what are you doing!
An unauthorized person entered the castle!

Old man inside the tower:
A great view from the top of
this tower. You can see

このとうの いちばん上からの
見はらしは すばらしいぞ
どこまででも 見えるんじゃ
え? したはどうなっとるかって?
うーん したのへやのことは
よう わからんよ

Looking from this tower,
the highest point around is great.
What? What about under? (?)
Hum, about the room under
I don't know.

Yes, it's an interesting tower,
isn't it? So much to see
and do!

このへやに きょうみがあるな?
みんなこのへやのことを しりたがる
だがな キカイという名まえだけしか
マナイナの まどうしなら
なにか しっているかもな?

Do you have an interest in this room?
Everyone want to know about this room
however we don't know anything about "machines"
beside the name.
If it about Manarina's mages,
I might know something...

Edit : I'll cut the text here as I reached the post limit a bit after this point.

Well, that's it for today.
I'll have to work on translating a bit more text before I can post more stuff.
Stay tuned.
Oh and feel free to comment or ask questions.
I can't double post so I actually need it to go on. X D

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 1:54am
by ehow22
Ok, then. I think that's on of if not the longest post I've seen on these forums.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 1:58am
by Mew seeker
Well, the Shining Force script IS long. X D
I also had the first part ready.
Anyway, I could do it in one long go
but the risk that I get sidetracked get higher. :\
The next posts should be shorter
as I gradually make a translation for the rest of the text.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 3:13am
by TheUnknownMarine


BTW "Eeei chesto!
Hm, even if it's just yelling,
it looks good... (?)
Yes, it's really written "chesto"."

I believe it's in Kendo where you yell the area you target before striking. So the guard yelling "Chesto" is hitting the chest. Makes sense.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 7:11am
by Earl
I must be stupid, because I never connected the missing grandpa with Gort before. Seems so obvious now, even without the tip that he's in the bar.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 7:20am
by Flygon
Wow, this is brilliant! The script in the Japanese edition feels much less... rushed.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 7:41am
by Rick

The japanese script kinda clarifies most things, especially Lowe's connection with Max...

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 8:31am
by BigNailCow
To make it more readable, I'd suggest putting up a webpage somewhere with 3 columns: the text in the US version, the text in the Japan version, and your translation. And there wouldn't be any post limit there, and you could easily separate it by section.

Brilliant job. Keep up the good work!

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 10:10am
by Moogie
Excellent work, really nice to see what was originally said and how things changed. Though I must say I have a certain fondness for some of the lines in the English release :)

I would love to include this script on the main site when it's completed if you don't mind.

Perhaps at some stage we could look into smoothing out the translation and putting it into the game!

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Fri May 22 2009 10:56am
by Thousand
really nice work :thumbsup:

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 2:33am
by Mew seeker
I believe it's in Kendo where you yell the area you target before striking. So the guard yelling "Chesto" is hitting the chest. Makes sense.

"Chesto" reminds me of a very specific character in Super Robot Wars. : P

Wow, this is brilliant! The script in the Japanese edition feels much less... rushed.

I could say the same about several Snes games.

The japanese script kinda clarifies most things

You have seen nothing yet. ;)

To make it more readable, I'd suggest putting up a webpage somewhere with 3 columns: the text in the US version, the text in the Japan version, and your translation. And there wouldn't be any post limit there, and you could easily separate it by section.

Is there a webpage where I could do this easily?
Still, this forum should be fine for now.
I can see the feedback here. : )

Though I must say I have a certain fondness for some of the lines in the English release

Which ones? : D
But yes, I feel some parts might be like this.
Like the theather piece and Max's words.

I would love to include this script on the main site when it's completed if you don't mind.

Sure. ^^

Perhaps at some stage we could look into smoothing out the translation and putting it into the game!

That would be nice as well.
But it most likely mean making a script dump,
possibly from the Japanese version.

Anyway, here is the part that was cut the other day :

Man at the top of the tower:
Oh my! What a lovely view!

うーん これは! うーん これは!

Oohhh this! Oohhh this!

If you search the telescope from the side :
It is indeed a lovely view.

とくにかわったところは なかった

You couldn't really move it from it's location. (?)

If you search the telescope from the front :
Max looks into
the telescope.

「マックスは ぼうえんきょうを

"Max looks
in the telescope."

*The old man step backward*
A huge eye! Aiiiieeee!

め めだまの ばけものじゃ!

It's an eye, eyeball monster!
... hm?

Then, when you talk to him again :
Whoa! You scared me for
a bit there! I was just looking
around, admiring the land.
Lately I've seen moving
people or creatures near the
Gate of the Ancients....

おお これはマックス殿であったか
じぶんでつくった とおめがねに
むちゅうになって 気づかんかったよ
こいつは わしがつくった うーんと
とおくまで見える じまんのしなじゃ
?ところで マックス殿
さいきん 古えのもんのちかくで
よく 人かげを見るのじゃが?
あいつらは いったいなんじゃろう?

Oh, was it Max-dono who appeared.
I was so busy looking in the telescope
that I didn't noticed
it was you, huh. (?)
I was looking at things here and there up to far away.
... By the way Max-dono,
nowaday, near the ancient gate vicinity,
often the shape of people can be seen...
Who they could be?

When you enter the king's room :

King of Guardiana:
...that is the story, Varios.

?ということなのだ バリオスよ

... said thing, Varios.
It's not easy to correctly translate the end of a sentence
without the beginning. ^^;

Lord Varios:
Mmmm...Then, your majesty,
we have no choice but to send
Max, a young fighter.
Oh Max. Good. I was
going to look for you.
First, listen to the King.

ううむ? では 王様
やはり マックス殿に?

おおマックス殿 いいところにきた
まずは 王様に はなしを きかれよ

Hhmmm.... Well then king-sama
of course Max-dono...
It might not be accurate but what's obvious is
that he was about to say something about Max

Oh, Max-dono, it's a good thing you came. (literally, you came to the right place)
I was about to call you (but you came here?) (?)
First, listen to what the king-sama have to say.

Varios then step aside.

If you talk to Lord Varios, minister and Nova fist :
First you must listen to what
the king has to say.

まずは 王様に はなしを きかれよ

First, listen to what the king-sama have to say.

King of Guardiana:
For centuries, our people
have watched the Gate of the
Ancients, as its guardians.
Beyond that gate lies we know
not what, not even if it is of
the Light or the Darkness.
But the Ancients knew, and
they sealed it beyond the gate
and set us as guards.
And now we find that we may
have failed in our mission,
our reason for existence.
Signs have been seen that
forces of Runefaust are at the
Gate of the Ancients!
Whatever evil they are
planning, we must stop it
at all costs and at once!

これは マックス殿!
じつは こまったことがあり
そなたに そうだんしたかったのだ
この城のひがしにある 古えのもん
そこでさいきん あやしい人かげを
古えのもんは しんせいなばしょだ
神々のいさんが ふうじられている
このまま 見すごすことはできぬ
しかし 騎士たちをうごかせば
人々に いらぬふあんを
いだかせることに なろう

You are Max-dono!
The truth is that there is a thing that worried me
that I wanted to (?) discuss with you.
To the east of this castle is the antient gate.
Lately, a person said that
many figures of suspicious people was seen there...
The ancient gate is an holy place.
The legacy of gods is sealed there.
It's something that cannot be overlooked.
But if we were sending knights,
the situation would be that
people would start to feel needlessly nervous.
Less talk about the past here.
Also, the king don't know about Runefaust.
He want to do something but don't want to alarm the people.
Oh, and Max get called Max-dono by the king himself. : D

Lord Varios:
But we must not panic the
people. A small group of
young but skilled warriors...

マックス殿 なんにんかの者をつれ
そなたが しきかんとなって
古えのもんに むかってほしいのだ
そなたに こんなことを
たのむのは 気がひけるのだが?

Max-dono, going with some people,
you would become commander.
I would like that you go to the ancient gate.
That I have to ask you
such a thing makes me feel bad/akward but...
He feel bad but not because he's ashamed of Max. : P
Maybe he felt it was too soon?
In the U.S., it's Varios who talk about not worrying the people.

Yes! He could do it. He could
leave town unnoticed and have
a chance to suceed, perhaps.

それは 神々のじだいより
このルーンたいりくに あるという
そして その とざされた
とびらのおくには 神々のいさんが
そのいさんを まもることが
ガーディアナ国に たくされた
きゅうきょくのしめい なのです

The ancient castle...
There, from the era of gods,
it is said (to be?) in this Rune continent (?)
and in the interior of this closed door
the legacy of gods is said
to be sealed inside...
The protection of this legacy
was the country of Guardiana
ultimate mission entrusted to it.
And it's Nova who talked of the past in the Japanese version.
Did they really had to shuffle it? ^^;

King of Guardiana:
Yes, Nova, I agree.
Max! Will you
take the task?

バリオスに そうだんしたところ
このにんむの てきにん者として
そなたを すいせんしてきたのだ
バリオスのすいせんなら あんしんだ
古えのもんの たんさくを
ぜひとも そなたにたのみたい!
どうだ ひきうけてはくれぬか?

I discussed of this with Varios.
Being the suitable person for this task,
You were recommended.
If being recommende by Varios make you feel better,
I would like to requesting you (no not being an answer!)
to investigate the ancient gate!
How about it, won't you take up this task?

If you say no :

King of Guardiana:
What? You refuse?! It seems
that Various was wrong about
you, after all. Too bad.

なに ひきうけられぬと!
うーむ ?それが そなたの
かんがえならば いたしかたないの

What, you won't take it!
Hmm... About that, if that what
you would feel, there is no way. (?)

Then, if you talk to the king again :
Have you reconsidered? Will
you go to the Gate of the
Ancients and investigate?

もういちど たのむ マックス殿
古えのもんに 行ってはくれぬか?

One more time, I request you Max-dono,
won't you go to the ancient gate?
They really want Max for this mission. X D

When you say yes to the king, he'll say :
Very well! Now, return to
town and gather your troops.
Come back when you're ready.

そうか! ひきうけてくれるか!
では 町でなかまを あつめるがいい
そしてふたたび ここにもどるのじゃ

Is it so! You are undertaking this task!
Well then you should gather your compagnions (nakama) in town
and then come back here afterward.


That's it for today. That the part of work I had accumulated up to to now.
I'll have to go back to translating before posting new stuff.
From now on, the post should be smaller... I think? ^^;

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 3:04am
by Flygon
So they basically had zero idea it was Runefaust.

Man, the japanese plot really did have you wondering.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 3:55am
by TheUnknownMarine
Mew seeker @ Sat May 23, 2009 2:33 am) wrote:
"Chesto" reminds me of a very specific character in Super Robot Wars. : P



Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 4:04am
by Mew seeker
So they basically had zero idea it was Runefaust.

On the other hand, the GBA script was more accurate,
to the point that to have an idea of what happened in the Japanese Genesis version,
you could look at the GBA U.S. script and not be too far off. Seriously.

I managed to do a bit more today.
The rest of the castle, to be more precise.

When you talk to the king again :
Gather your troops, quickly.
There is no time to lose!

はやく なかまをそろえるのじゃ
きちんと したくをせねば
しゅっぱつは できんぞ

Quickly get the preparation of your compagnions done.
Should you not be fully done with this
departure will not be possible.

I'll leave everything to you.
I must fortify the castle.

たのんだぞ! マックス殿
私は 城のけいごに
あたらねば ならぬのだ

I'm asking/begging you! Max-dono.
As for me I can't, should I have
to take care of the castle defense.

Maybe that's why Varios feel bad.
He would have rather done the job himself.

Hummph! Seems like a mighty
poor plan to me! But who
listens to my advice?

おまえのような うまれもわからぬ者
わしは ぜったいに しんようせんぞ
ふん 見るからに いやしい かおだ

Person of your kind are born stupid. (?)
I absolutely don't trust (in you?) at all.
Phmm, from what I see (?) you have a shabby face. (?)

I didn't understand all of it but I can tell Max is being looked upon down.

Girl in the rigth of the room behind the king :
Grrr! I'm so mad! Do you want
to know why?

ああ まったく あたまにきちゃう!
あんたも そうおもうでしょ?
でしょ でしょ?

Ah I'm intirely doing something (going mad?) in my head!
Don't you think so too?
Do you, do you?

I'm not sure which verb it is. ^^;
It's not the standard form but instead a less formal form.

If you say no :
Why I never! How rude!

まだ なんにも いってないのに?

...awful/not nice.
I didn't say anything yet...

If you say yes :
It's that Tao! How dare she
call herself a mage? If she's
a mage, I'm a footstool!

そうなのよ ちょっと きいてよ!
しんいりの じじょでね
タオっていう子が いるのよ
まほうのさいのうが あるとかで
アンリ様の ごがくゆうになって
いまじゃ お城のまどうし様よ!
あたしは じじょのままなのに?

Really, it's something I just heard!
It's that new/novice maid,
a child called Tao.
Because of thing like magical talents,
by becoming Anri-sama school friend,
she is now the castle's magic user-sama!
If I was a maid... (?)

I didn't get everything but I sense jealousy and grudge.

Girl in the left of the room behind the king :
Princess Anri is away in
Manarina. Do you know about
the land of Manarina?

ここは アンリひめのおへやよ
ひめ様はいま マナリナで
おべんきょう してるの
あなた マナリナって ごぞんじ?

This is princess Anri (Anri-hime) 's room.
The princess-sama is
studying in Manarina.
Do you know about Manarina?

If you say no :
Manarina holds an Arcane
College, where the best mages
are trained.

マナリナってね まどうしの国なの
すごい まどうしが たくさんいる
ひめ様は そこで まなばれていて
かえってきたら この国に
まほうのがっこうを つくられるの!

The place named Manarina is a country of magic user.
There are a lot of amazing magician there.
It's the large country of magic!
The princess-sama is studying there
so that when she come back to this country,
she will make a magic school!

A bit of the princess background was lost.

If you say yes :
I see you are well-informed.

へえ ものしりなのね
あたし そういう人って すき!

He, you are well informed.
I like that kind of person!

Bookcases in the room behind the king, from left to rigth :
Manarina- Land of Magic,
Attack Magic for Beginners,
and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"The magic country Manarina"
"Attack magic elementary compilation/edition"
There are various books here.

Your First Blaze, Pointers
for Mages, and many more

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"First time Blaze"
"Magician's knowledge"
There are various books here.

Your First Spark, Tales of
Otrant, and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"Spark understood right away"
"Otrant's Tale(s?) (monogatari)"
There are various books here.

The Princess' Primer, I Was
a Tomboy Princess, and many
more books.

むずかしいほんが ならんでいる

There are difficult books here.

Some background was instead made up here. X D

King's maid in the floor above the king :
Take care, Max. It is
more dangerous out there than
you suspect! Or so I've heard.

へー あんたがマックスさん?
王様に えらばれて 古えのもんを
だけど むりしちゃいけないよ
ケガでもしたら あんたのお母さんも
きっと かなしむだろうからね

Eh, you are Max-san...
Are you the one choosed by the king-sama
to go investigate the ancient gate?
However, don't overdo it/try the impossible
because should you get hurt, your mother
will undoubtly be sad.

Knight inside the castle, after talking to the king :
Why you? Why could't I lead
the Shining Force? Arrrgh!

私は きいたぞ!
だいじなしめいを たくされるとは!
いったい 王様やバリオス様は
なにを かんがえているのだ?
なっとくが いかんぞ!
これというのも ぶかの騎士たちが
たるんでいるのが 悪いのだ
よし さっそく くんれんだ!

I have heard!
That a person of your kind
was entrusted with an important mission!
What on earth the king-sama and Varios-sama
are thinking...
I don't understand/agree! (?)
That being said, if the subordinate knights
would slack off, it would be bad.
Well, let's go right away!

No mention of a Shining Force here.

*He then push you out and leave his room.*

*Then the knigth that were training are in position*

Knigth in front :
What's that troops? I can't
hear you! Louder!

ええーい もっと力をいれるんだ!
えいっ えいっ えいっ!
もっとだ! もっと!

Eeeei, put more strenght in it!
Eii eii eii!
Moore! More!

Six knigths in front of him :
Sir, yes, sir!

えいっ! えいっ! えいっ!

Eii eii eii!


That's it for tonight.

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 6:02am
by Flygon
Your First Spark, Tales of
Otrant, and many more books.

いろいろなほんが ならんでいる

"Spark understood right away"
"Otrant's Tale(s?) (monogatari)"
There are various books here.


I guess either the text was a late change for the spell itself (I'm reffering to bolt here for the clueless ;) ) or they simply weren't area that they were the same thing. :(

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 9:51am
by Rick
There is a book in Manarina that refers to spark in the Euro version too IIRC..

But it gets more and more intriguing... in the Euro version, I'm almost certain that the King never mentions the legacy of the ancients or even know why Guardiana is protecting the gate!

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 3:15pm
by Stordarth
The king mentions the legacy, and that they are guarding it. he also says that they know not whether it is of the light or the darkness, so you are right in that they don't know why they guard it.

This is a very cool thread. I always wondered how the japanese script differed from the uk version.

I would love to see this finalised. With the rate at which the sf1 editor is coming along, it might not be too far in the future before the translation could be inserted into the rom.

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PostPosted: Sat May 23 2009 11:59pm
by Martin III
Tao and Anri being school friends... that's new, isn't it?

Which sense of the word "maid" is that girl using? An unmarried woman, or a female servant? Be very interesting if Tao is a servant...

Re: Shining Force translation topic

PostPosted: Sun May 24 2009 12:40am
by TheUnknownMarine
Martin III @ Sat May 23, 2009 11:59 pm) wrote: Tao and Anri being school friends... that's new, isn't it?

Which sense of the word "maid" is that girl using? An unmarried woman, or a female servant? Be very interesting if Tao is a servant...

She was a maid in the castle, then Anri found out she had magical talent and made her the court wizardess. Well, in training anyway.

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PostPosted: Sun May 24 2009 3:53am
by Mew seeker
Edit : sorry for the blank post. I messed up somewhere in the HTML. ^^;
I'll post tomorrow. ^^;;;

Which sense of the word "maid" is that girl using?

After a quick search in yahoo Japanese dictionary,
I can say it's the "servant" sense. It might explain the girl jealousy.
Tao was a maid and then, *poof*, she's a mage.
Maybe it seemed easy.