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I'm back :)

Been a bit absent, sorry!

Always check this forum first!

I'm back :)

Postby Moogie » Fri Jul 29 2011 11:29am

I haven't really been around much the last few months and I can't really explain why, I just needed a bit of time away I think and life's been pretty hectic since getting back from honeymoon.

I've kept meaning to drop in but you know how it is, the longer you leave something the harder it is to show your face again ;)

Still, decided to bite the bullet today. The new site needs finishing off and I intend to spend some time on it today. Have made my list of the essentials - a few bits may have to wait until I have a bit more time - but by coming along here and stating my intentions I've sort of committed myself to getting my act together ;)

Besides, I'm looking forward to coding the new shop/game system this winter - so I'd best get the main site ready first!

So, my apologies for the unplanned extended absense. Hope all's been well here. No doubt a drama or two but right now I don't want to hear about all that ;) Just want to get this site sorted for now!
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)

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