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New forums: new features!

Always check this forum first!


Postby Moogie » Thu Sep 16 2004 1:01pm

Greets all!

Glad to see you made it across to the new SFC forums :)

I think I've got all the bugs ironed out ;)

Now, since I'm in a hurry to get this place live for you to start posting again, I'm going to post a quick list of new features (well, the ones which aren't immediately obvious!) here. Any questions, feel free to ask in GC and I'll try to answer :)

New Stuff!
- You can now reserve your own avatars without having to contact me - after 90 days of membership, you can automatically do it in your profile. You can also change your reserved avie at any time, though I would prefer it if you didn't overload the system by doing it every 5 minutes or so ;)

- Lots of new stuff to make life easier for staff, though this hopefully won't affect you if you behave ;)

- New punishments (yay?!) and the ability for members to see their own 'warn levels' and explanations.

- Choose a default custom colour for your posts in your profile!

- Choose your preferred way of browsing the main site via a setting in your profile: sitemap menu or games menu.

- Upload a photo of yourself :)

- Create your own folders in your messenger, and track messages

- Punishments are automatically removed by the system when you try to use a blocked feature after your punishment has expired.

- Lots of new avies :)

- Built-in calendar to remind yourself of events, birthdays etc. Staff can note when they're away etc, for our convenience :)

- Couple of new emoticons, more to come :)

- Images can no longer 'page stretch' - any images too big will be put inside a scrolly box in the topic :)

- Lovely topic markers

- Topic descriptions are back

That's about all that comes to mind for now!

Off to post a news article on the main site now, and then it's time to get this show on the road!
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)
The SFC Forum RPG is now live! Enjoy :)

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