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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30 2019 12:46pm
by ur boi Max
so, i was playing this, and i was wondering, does anyone know why the game wont let me equip my weapons? :confused:

Re: selection

PostPosted: Thu May 02 2019 10:15pm
by Cullsoft
If you're after the option to equip items, it's A/C for the menu, then choose Items -> Equip. Choose a character, then the the first thing you can choose is which weapon they've got equipped.

Most weapons can only be used by certain characters. For example, the Short Axe cannot be equipped by the main hero...

If you're purchasing from the Weapons or Armour stalls, the shopkeepers should give you a warning if you try to give a weapon or piece of armour to a character who can't use it.

It's also worth knowing that the Madu and Main Gauche are actually shields that boost attack and defence power, even though they're sold under the armourer's "Weapons" section.