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Streaming this weekend of June 10th

twitch tv borgsrpgquest

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Streaming this weekend of June 10th

Postby Borg1982 » Sat Jun 09 2018 8:31am

All are welcome. First time trying this in 12 years. Legit cartridge stream. Upscaler for high end graphics.
Might need help with this!

I'm live at night EST a lot. www.twitch.tv/borgsrpgquest

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Re: Streaming this weekend of June 10th

Postby Noodle » Sat Jun 16 2018 5:03am

Man, wish I had popped in here to see this a week ago I would have tuned in for sure. Just finished playing through this again on the PS4.

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